Thursday, September 26, 2013

Windows 8 in Youtube

Looking for information about Windows 8 in fast and convincing way? I almost forgot that there’s Youtube because I was thinking of books and some articles in google. Lucky if I find worth watching video…

Here are some of videos I found over Youtube and my verdicts:

1. How Real People Will Use Windows 8

It features an old man who’s trying to figure out windows 8.

At least it made me sympathize with old folks. I wonder how they’ll gonna keep up with this fast changing technology. I even remember one time when I went into this particular school to ask if maybe I can help them to computerize their work, just imagine the look in their scared eyes. I have this feeling that they were instructed to let other people know that they too knew those things even though it was the other way around. Soon they’ll be much more discriminated in this modern era.

This is not the final version but Microsoft thinks it is.
He’s trying to prove a point.
There’s no start menu.


It happened that it is not the information I’m looking for.

2/5. Irrelevant for me.

Partly yes, if you’re curious.

Sad to say, there will always be a change.
Perhaps if they will not initiate the change, others will do. That’s technology. Who wanted to be left behind?

2. This Is What Windows 8 Looks and Feels Like

Some basic awesome features. “There are cooler things about this stuff”.

There’s a scrolling bug
If you want to go to Desktop, click Desktop tile. (I caught this after watching it the third time. I’m slow)

I’m still curious about the Start Menu disappearing
This video made me feel there’s nothing really that bad in Win 8

Gave me an overview
I like the part where the “up” in explorer is back, the part when you are accessing folders.


3.5/5. Good overview                 

I miss the dimension of Icons, buttons etc.

This is another adjustment for programmers and developers alike. Another OS for hackers to figure out. :D

First impression:
For me, it’s like turning the desktop into a tablet which is something silly. I would like it the other way around where it is the tablet who imitates the old OS. This is just some messing around.
I honestly don’t find it elegant. The color combination looks awful.

At least, it is still like old win 7 but I don’t like the tiles in the desktop (now Metro start page).
Then I realized it is actually a combination look of a desktop and tablet. You just have to switch the screen. It gives me a positive feeling that I can still work well in a laptop with Windows 8 though not touch screen capable. See? A lot of laptop nowadays is getting expensive just because it is touch screen when in fact it’s not really that comfortable to use unless the monitor is detachable. What else can you benefit from a touch screen lappy beside from being a data input?

3. Learn Windows 8 in 3 minutes (OK, it's really 4)

Title speaks itself. Shows basic navigation of Windows 8

-relevant information
-talked about switching screen unlike the previous videos I watched
-talked about back switching (upper left corner) in lieu of looking at the taskbar for other open programs

-too fast for other to understand well


Yes. If you can endure the voice of the speaker.

Dito medyo mukang maganda yung metro start page.

Is this Microsoft’s way of marketing their tablet :D watcha think?

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