Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Birthday… Happy Broke… 2013

I’m not expecting much about my birthday, since it’s the way it used to be.  Never had a birthday party where friend were invited and the likes. I don’t even have a visitor during my graduation party, worst is that I spent my own money against my will. I never expected that the nightmare would revisit me once again… and on my birthday… against my will.

I DON’T LIKE PARTIES!!!... party for my birthday… and I don’t wanna change it.

A simple meal with family will do… or friends. I want a quality time, as much as possible avoid luxuries. It would be happier to be around sensible people and not because we have to be wary about how other people think of us or to just show off. It’s just that sometimes people meddle and eventually it spoils the fun.

These are just some of the things that kept me busy these past few days.
-attending training and facilitating programs
-dance practice
-sleepyhead (body demands)
-reading eBooks (harry potter series, currently in Goblet of Fire)

I got lot of draft articles yet I can’t find time to finalize it. I hope it would not rain so as not to interfere in my plans, as if I really have. I’ve been taking some pictures but still fail to upload it on my blog.

What’s new?
I got a puppy though I still haven’t touched it. It’s still aloof and afraid of me. My askal puppy is pure white with pink nose. When it was few weeks old, it reminded me of a hamster/rabbit.  I also wanted the other puppy with a peach fur that sometimes reminds me of limestone’s shade but it was sold already.

Memoir of my 2013 birthday – to follow

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