Monday, September 9, 2013

Sophie Martin Summer Pink Lipstick

My sophie lipstick came right after my old lipstick got fully exhausted. It took me a rough estimate of 2 weeks before I got it from the reseller. The saleslady keep on telling me that I’ll have it the other day. Some tale? I almost gave up checking it out.

I got Summer Pink for 85pesos. They were uncertain how to price it since the brochure got lost. They told me that I can avail a 25% discount if I am a member so they gave me a form of Personal Collection to fill. I am reluctant to join since I am oblivious from the pros and cons that comes with it. The PC form alone will give you discounts to all brands they’re part of like avon, sophie and etc. I wonder why…

It has a mild smell like the powdered milk used by infants

When I looked closely, I saw tiny glittery stuff that I doubt would be obvious once worn. The lipstick is very hard to apply on the lips since it isn’t creamy. It’s very drying that I wanted to put another stuff to moisten my lips but was afraid of ruining the color.

I wanted to even it out but unfortunately, I got dull lips like a smoker. It’s even a bit grayish. Someone even said that I look ill, so I really have to put something on my lips especially if I’m on work. I even wonder if I need a lip concealer or should I bleach or scrub my lips. I still have a lot to know about girl stuff.

I believe summer pink shade doesn’t compliment me well. I might look fair sometimes, but I believe I am warm toned. I got a light yellowish type of skin, not like those of American or Korean type of skin. I even don’t know if it’s just the Spanish blood being dominant or this is really the Filipino skin that I have. This shade will only look good to me once I am outside in a sunny day because that is when I will have the illusion of being cool toned.

This shade doesn’t suit those who have a yellowish complexion. It doesn’t look good to me too since I don’t have a radiant and healthy looking skin. A matte lipstick will look good for a dewy skin while shiny lipstick will look good to a powder finished face.  My dark circles also messed with my face, maybe I need to conceal it so that the focus will be diverted to my eyes .

My slightly gray lips prevented, though slightly, the supposedly bright look of this lipstick on the lips.

I like the shade but it’s not for me. :(

Sophie Martin Summer Pink Lipstick

Update: 10-24-13

Though it's not an everyday lipstick, it never became a waste. I mix it up with a darker shade lip gloss. I realized I’m better with gloss than matte alone.


  1. What are you talking about? It looks great on you kaya!

    1. it looks fine to me when light is abundant... daylight.. :)


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