Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rise of The Guardians



And here we are again, another story that is based from a book. I wanted to read the book.

I didn’t realize that one of the guardians is Santa. Initially, it thought they were all unique characters. It took me to finish the movie and surf in the net before I grasp that they were all common icons. (Tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Clause) But I wonder if Sandy was derived from some famous entity. From their images alone, I initially won't identify them from what they are. From the title “Rise of the Guardians” the things that went in my mind are those tales like “Lord of the Rings”, “The Hobbit” and the likes. The title is somehow misleading.

Santa Claus
Tooth Fairy
Easter Bunny

Jackfrost – the winter spirit.

Yetis looks scary but they are cute whereas Christmas Elves reminds me of minions, though I find the Elves cuter. Sandy (The Sandman) the Guardian of Dreams is the oldest of the Guardians [11] and the first Guardian chosen by Man in the Moon.[12] He does not speak, but communicates through sand images that he conjures above his head (Wikipedia.com). I also happened to notice the mouse, “part of European Division”. There is not enough story about the mouse and that made a little hanging feeling. Maybe the book will explain. Though Wikipedia said author sort of change the story in the movie. On the other hand, Easter Bunny reminds me of Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh. Almost like him right?

My favorite character is Sandy.  I’m delighted that he was resurrected. But there’s the part that I cannot understand how he brought back to life and the part where the children said that they knew what to do. The sparkling gold match with his deafness and expression of tantrums furthers my fondness of him.

This movie is somehow linked from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”. I like the graphics very much.

I wonder why children laugh even if the funny scenes will make the character hurt, just an observation when I let my sister watch with me again. There are also scenes that made me laugh though. Good thing there is, considering my age. Poor Yetis whenever Santa tells he wanted the color be changed and then realizing he’s almost finished. Oh not again.

Nice turn of event, I thought there is another Pitch Black in rabbit’s burrow, only to find out its Sophie. Oh Sophie was cute and the eggs too. Her part is short though. Yun bang, yun lang yun? As regard’s to Tooth Fairy, I don’t like her looks at all, but baby tooth is far too adorable. Going back to Easter bunny, his transformation into a small bunny made me chuckle. I was moved when they finally reconciled. Little bunny’s eyes that moment attracts compassion.

I came pondering about Easter Day, Egg hunting day. Since one of the Guardians is representing Easter, it made me wonder how it is like. Here in my country, I am used in taking that day for granted since I suppose it’s not that trendy.
Does egg hunting really a source of merriment for children?

Correct me if I’m wrong, I feel sorry for the 350 people who happened to be laid off after this Movie.

And that ends my reaction blog for this Movie.

This is my center, what is yours?

So when the moon says something to you, believe it.

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