Monday, April 29, 2013

The Vow


Lovestory. Drama.

Leo – Channing Tatum
     Paige – Rachel McAdams

My rate:
Okay. Not that good. Not that bad. Average

I can’t decide. Lol.

The first movie I rented in videocity. Unfortunately the resolution is very bad like a pirated CD. But come to think of it, the pirated one might look better than the one I borrowed. It can be denied that the container together with the cd itself looked horrible in its current state, almost worn out. It just shows how careless people we are.

Going back. The story is about a couple who got into a car accident. Most of the part is the man's struggle  to make things back to normal while his wife totally forgot about his existence due to brain injury she got in the accident.

I’m really disappointed realizing its just a 2012 movie yet I was not able to watch it nicely and I can’t understand it well due to lack of subtitle lol. :D

My emotional meter during the time I was watching this film is ‘almost there’. I almost felt like crying but there’s this missing something that deters me from going there. There are some movies that I ended up sobbing all the way. (However it might be the current situation I am in that causes my being vulnerable and cry baby). Nevertheless few tears found it way down to my cheek since I was able to slightly empathize the part where the guy strive hard for their relationship.

His persistence is heartbreaking and at the same time I find it embarrassing except I can’t relate at all, I don’t know the feeling of being madly in love with your partner (husband/wife). Yet it broke my heart when he signed the divorce paper.  Maybe watching this in Cinema or in a widescreen television with a satisfying resolution will make a difference in my verdict.

Anyway, I red from some website that there is a corresponding book where this movie is derived. I’m looking forward in encountering that book someday.

My Say. That is what you call unconditional love.

Quotes.  My hands remember what my mind forgot.

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