Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Fall in the Creek

It’s my dream to have a beach house or a house suited at the top of a mountain. My bf and I share that dream. Maybe that was what the owner had in mind prior to the construction of the private house that we had previously gone to. It was located in our province and not really far from the city but still it felt like I was transported in a different place. The landscape, the fruit farm, the coolness of the air, the remoteness of the area, they all contribute to the relaxation of mind. A good place to break free from the confinement of the busy metro life.

I didn’t take a picture of the house though. It’s still just a typical modern house, nothing really grand apart from it’s being on top of the mountain. I didn’t find a very irresistible angle that could overcome the awkwardness of taking a picture when no one else does. I’m a shy photographer except when I’m in the company of my selfie junkie friends/kins. And for me to enjoy travelling in different places, a souvenir photo is a must! That’s one of the few things I’m really after. So whenever I go out, I always silently pray That I'll be with a person with an outgoing personality and a sensibility to include me in the big picture.

But even in the most exquisite place, loneliness can still slyly creep in and steal the moment of reverie. Nothing can beat the melody of laughter of those important people in our lives. Maybe it’s just a point of view of an introvert person? Because I mostly find other people who loves getting around while ignoring other people who wants to be with them. I’m speaking of “a not that mutual feeling/attention” here. Imagine a grandmother patiently and silently waiting for her daughter or her favourite granddaughter to visit her or an old best friend missing her friend who prefers to spend time with her new friends and the likes.

And these, my friends, are my pictures of that day...

a walk in the morning

behind the creek

a mini fall

sunshine peeking behind

the flow of water

pair of feet soaking in water

I was wondering what to say in this set of pictures that I chose to delay sharing this here. Even if a picture says a thousand words, posting it without words feel like a waste. So far, I’ve already met my quota of 300 words above. But I believe that 300 is unfortunately still considered as “thin content”.

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