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Palmolive Naturals | Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner Review

palmolive anti-hairfall

I've also experience a large amount of daily hair fall before but I wasn't able to figure out the real cause of it. It could be the shampoo, the stress, or a side effect of medication. This yellow Palmolive is meant for those who have hair loss problems. My mom was the first to hoard the shampoo when she saw it in the commercial.

Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo's specialized formula with Ginseng and Keratin extracts, nourishes hair from the roots to help prevent hair fall due to breakage. So hair is stronger and more beautiful. With a sensational and long-lasting fragrance experience. ~product description in the bottle

Palmolive Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: 96.50 php
Their shampoo is actually a shampoo + conditioner in one but they also have a separate conditioner. Since it’s both a shampoo + conditioner, expect that the formula is different than a regular shampoo.

This variant of Palmolive lathers well but not excessively and not the squeaky clean type. While it lathers, the texture is already silky at the same time. It’s hard to determine whether the shampoo is already rinsed well because of that silky stuff. It’s great for the mane but it makes my scalp dry and unable to breathe.

To remedy this, I use baby oil prior shampooing to soften the scalp. Part of the oil still remain and is not thoroughly removed by rinsing. The tendency is a lot of shampoo is needed to remove the oil. That decreases the life span of the Palmolive shampoo twice or thrice compared to an ordinary shampoo.

shampoo ingredients

Palmolive Anti Hair Fall Conditioner

Price: 95.20 php
This further conditions the hair making it shinier and silkier. The conditioner is light but it still gives the hair a minimal wet look. Because of that, the hair looks vibrant, healthy and moisturized.

The Palmolive Anti Hair Fall combo has a safe scent mixed with a hint of their original scent. It doesn’t cling strongly into the hair but it leaves the hair fresh smelling.

conditioner ingredients

  • It tames frizzy hair.
  • It doesn’t make the hair dry.
  • The hair is smoother and easier to hand comb.
  • I no longer need a separate hair serum with this.
  • It doesn’t weigh the hair down.
  • No hairfall.

  • The shampoo gets emptied fast.
  • It makes the scalp dry that leads to flaking. Dry scalp means dandruff and itchy scalp.
  • Be careful of the crimp of the conditioner since it might accidentally scratch the skin.


The big con is really the part that I have to use a baby oil every other day to avoid flaky scalp. Such a waste of baby oil, just so I can finish this set. The shampoo is not very scalp friendly because it also tries to condition the hair at the same time. So Imagine the part where it already tries to coat while it tries to remove stuffs in the hair. The effect is very nice to the hair strands, but not for the roots. The thing is, they've still created s a separate bottle of conditioner.

On my last ¼ of their shampoo, the dandruff became uncontrollable. That was the first time I've experience a very dirty scalp that I literally see the flakes in my hair when I comb it of even with just a slight tap of my hand. The only missing part is seeing the flakes in my shoulder. That was when I've thought that the commercial of anti-dandruff shampoo was an exaggeration. As of now, my hair haven't coped up yet. I'm to blame here too since I should have stopped using it earlier.

Have you tried using a hair product that both acts as a shampoo and conditioner? Did you have a wonderful experience? How was it?

This review is only based from the experience of the blogger. Results may differ from person to person.


  1. Really? No hair fall? I've been spending so much on other brands to control my hair fall, maybe this one will work on me better.

    1. No hair fall, just dandruff. I'm using a different shampoo now, and some of my hair is shedding in the transition.

  2. Well, the color of the bottle is enticing but admittedly I have not use Palmolive. There were times when I'd consider purchasing a shampoo and conditioner but I find the scent a bit too strong for me which gives me the impression that it may dry my scalp.

    Try using castor oil for the dry scalp. It may help. A little goes a long way.

    1. I doesn't have a strong scent once it's in the hair. The scent is actually mild and doesn't last. Thanks for the tip Russ! I'll try to look for a castor oil if my current shampoo won't help me in my scalp problem

  3. We use Palmolive a lot in the house. So far it works for all of us, with no scalp problems. The one that really causes scalp itchiness for me is Rejoice, so I never buy that.

    1. Hi Fred! I believe that the other variant of Palmolive just works fine with my hair naman. Just like skin, hiyangan lang.


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