Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My favourite forum site

symbianize picture

I got myself inspired to talk about one of my favourite site. The symbianize.

What I like about this site is it’s a Filipino Community who gathered around to learn and share their interests. It is a homey place in the fast changing virtual information world. It’s really great to find a friendly place with your kapwa kababayan speaking the same dialect. Meeting different kind of person is probably going to happen once you become involve and that will add up in the kick and buzz of joining. (Am I in the advertising yet?)

Hanging around there emanates warmth and security in a form of sanctuary. It’s a great place too for general awareness of information and ideas, to be updated of the latest trend and to view what and how general public think about something.

So what made me write this article? It has been two weeks now that Symbianize became inaccessible. Yeah I’m getting a little bit sentimental. I admit that lately Symbianize is getting lifeless for me, something like this; not intensely felt. Since free internet gone, around March last year, fewer familiar faces drop by until they’re almost gone too.

I am wondering too what happened for such a long period of absence of the site. Rumour tells that the owner of the site sold it for 10 million. I find it unrealistic though. 10 million is such a small price. It’s somehow distressing as I realize how its absence gave an impact on me.

I hope the rumour is not true. Nonetheless, it is expected that Symbianize will be back this week and I'm counting on it.

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