Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Milcu Underam and Foot Powder Review

Milcu Deodorant Powder

It’s difficult to convince other people to try something new and break their old habits. I am also like that years ago and still a bit of it until now. It’s only because of this blog, the promise of a solution and rediscovery of more satisfying product that somehow drags me out of the comfort zone.

To fully benefit in this product, that particular area of the skin and your belongings that will be in contact with the skin should also be clean. It’s possible for an unpleasant odor to still occur if the sweat is very excessive. But for average people, Milcu performs well. I can also vouch of its effectiveness since it works better compared to other products I’ve tried before. It only consists of 2 ingredients yet it works way more than other deodorizing product.

Seal of Milcu

To see how it reacts with the body, try and test this on safe days such as in weekend or in day offs. Product works differently with every person due to differences with body composition and substances released by the body. It’s the best time to know whether the product will last you the whole day or if it will go well with your active lifestyle. Keep in mind that the powder doesn’t adhere well in the skin.

It’s plain, it’s effective yet its being “natural” is vague to me. Natural doesn’t guarantee safety. Fewer people can still have allergy reaction even with natural products. Still, the good thing about Milcu that I like most is that it’s plainer compared to other deodorants I know.

Milcu Powder

There's still limited available studies and articles from trusted sites regarding tawas. I'm still confused if this is really toxic when it was actually used as a home remedy and used in preparation for foods before.

Bacteria can’t survive in the presence of Tawas. Here are some of the possible way of how it works:
  • Killing bacteria
  • Neutralizing the odor
  • Changing pH of the skin

Smell | Texture | Packaging
It doesn't have any strong smell. Perhaps you can smell the subtle scent of tawas if you have a very sensitive nose. The particles are bigger and less smoother/less softer than typical powders. The talc made it less coarse.

The powder is ¾ the size of bottle. The holes are sealed and big but gives it more control.

Closer Look of Powder

-Doesn’t darken skin
-Doesn’t stain clothes

-Not an antiperspirant

Some concern that still needs clarification
1. If alum and aluminum is the same
2. If aluminum chlorohydrate is harmful, then how different potassium aluminum is?
3. How tawas really works in eliminating bacteria.

Repurchase: Yes

Rate: 4/5. Not perfect since there's still a lot of things I want to know about the ingredients.

Recommend: Yes. But take the risk and educate yourself.

Don't use products in broken skin and be careful of things you sniff.

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