Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne Prone Skin Review

Safeguard Derma Sense for Acne Prone Skin Review

-Dermatologically Tested
-Face & Body Bar (Suitable for Daily Use)

Isn't it nice if this product was already made in the past? I’m always been a Safeguard user and I always find my way back even if I try another brands of soap. Safeguard is our regular bar soap since it is very well advertised even before. It’s been there ever since.

Ingredients of Safeguard

After I saw the ingredients, I’m quite discouraged. The main active ingredient is Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract. There’s nothing grand or spectacular about it. But it is dermatologist tested and Safeguard has made its reputation for its long life in the industry. Kumbaga subok na.

Even then, some of my friends just use a plain safeguard in their face and viola! They have a clean pimple-free face. Some use eskinol afterwards. But this alone doesn’t work for me. I still have to find the right product that will work for my face.

Safeguard Eucalyptus oil health benefits

The color of the bar is green. It doesn’t smell eucalyptus at all and it reminds me of those soaps that have deodorizing effect. The smell is quite a turn off. There is a same safe guard bar that smells like this, I’m not sure if it’s the blue or the green one. Luckily, I’ve found a smaller box to try, there is another bar for sensitive skin and I wonder what's the color and smell of it.

The experience is the same as any safeguard soap. Weird enough, I like to use it because I feel that my face is clear from dirt. Unlike other cleansers, there are no product remnants from the soap after washing it. It lathers well. I still on the part of deciding whether I would use a moisturizer or toner after.

Safeguard Derma Sense front of the box

The eucalyptus oil is known for its soothing effects for insect bites and stings. The oil is actually colorless and has a fresh and clean aroma. It’s the main ingredients of the widely used Efficascent oil, if you know that product, and the other brand with Eucalyptus I saw some mothers buy for their babies. It comes handy for head and stomach aches for its rejuvenating and cooling effect. Since it relaxes the muscle, it is used by our elders for their muscle cramps and rheumatism.

Note: Eucalyptus oil can be toxic and some people may have allergy or sensitivity on it. Avoid the use of Eucalyptus oil in open wounds

Its acne healing effect is not popular but other websites tells that it can probably cure acne. It will most likely help in removing blemishes from its healing properties and making your face totally clean and bacteria free. There is still an issue of dryness and exfoliation to be addressed though. The inflammation on acne are cause by our own body defensive mechanism, white blood cells attack the bacteria that feeds from the sebum produced by our skin. What safeguard does is it prevents the occurring of acne.

Safeguard Derma Sense small size


  1. I've tried Green Cross Smooth Protect with Almond Milk soap, works great on my acne & my brother's and it's more affordable than Safeguard Derma Sense. But of course result may vary.

  2. Natry ko na dn toh. Okay naman cia pero I don't think it would really heal or stop breakouts. I agree na nkkadry nga cia sa skin.

    1. I love this. At least there is a dedicated bar soap for acne that is not overly drying. You can use moisturizer naman after. It's almost the same with their other soap variants. I would recommend this kind of product for teenagers for it's almost plain and mild.

      True enough, for worst breakout cases this is too mild. But I don't believe in using 1 product alone, you can use a moisturizer for pimples and then spot treatment.


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