Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A second hand book of Vampire Diaries

Someone decided to sell their books, and I bought some. I don’t know why I did; it’s just a waste of money after. It’s second hand and maybe because it is cheap that I bought it. And now I have:

Eat, Pray and Love (55php),
2 Vampire Diaries (200php);
Tuesdays with Morie (50php)

Total of 305php

And there are this other two books of Vampire Diaries that I didn’t take. “The Fury” which cost around 50php but I can’t find and the other one vampire diaries which I forgot the title already. The latter costs 155php so I became hesitant to buy it. Besides, I’m not sure whether that one is worth reading since I know nothing about the story and I do feel disappointed after reading some books. It’s just a matter of choosing between 305php with 460php. I might as well just watch the series.

I need to remind myself that I have a tablet and I can download ebook anytime I like. And I should only buy something that has value and can generate money. The only exception is when it comes to educational books.

I also took some supposedly donated books for free from the seller. Their title I didn’t cared to memorize but I’m done with one book titled “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes”. I will review those books after. The book “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes” was a classic one, it happened that I watched the same movie early this year. I encountered the book name in the biography of Jose Rizal and I wonder what’s with that book the made Rizal liked it. Then I realized it was a detective themed book after I finished reading it.

I’m just a recent self recruited reader of some of these books (amateur bookworm), though I really have this love of books since I’m a child. It’s just that no one encouraged me to read since my family and relatives don’t have this interest with books. Though I never had the chance to witness it, there’s unfounded information that Lolo also is fond of reading. A least I’m not an alien. I even become addicted to it when I get hooked up in story, I will come to a point where I will not rest until I’ll get to finish it. There’s a bit of lightness in feeling and a bizarre fulfillment when I see that I have the books I like.

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