Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Review

I need to rewrite again since my draft got corrupted in my tablet after saving it on the external micro SD card. So to be safe, I’ll no longer save unless it's internal.

This is my first review on lotions, and my first purchase of Vaseline in a bottle. Last time I bought one was way back high school and a sachet variant. I didn’t like the smell back then; it reminds me of medicines as well as plastic.

What I have here is Vaseline Aloe fresh, total moisture. A 24 hour nourishing lotion for fresh and light feeling skin. I just saw this one from a blogger and said to myself that it will not hurt to try. Besides, I’m getting bored using the same Silka lotion while wondering if that's really makes me fairer.

Aloe Vera
Our grandma has stories about herbs and plants, and this is just one of the unforgettable. Maybe I had tried putting it on my face for reasons I can’t remember (courisity maybe). However, if there's something aloe vera is famous of, it is its ability to thicken hair. Something helpful for hairloss sufferers, but that's only a story from lola.

Imagine putting the lotion on your legs and arms... and your hair will grow longer,... and for those who shave their legs, imagine the effect it would bring.

Vaseline Lotion claims that it's:
-absorbs quickly
-glowing skin
-24 hr nourishing
-light feeling skin


The Cap
If you're bag tends to be messy, it 'might' open accidentally and lotions will be all over your things. I'm partly having a hard time taking the lotion out.

Best before 30 months from manufacturing date. Unfortunately, I cannot find the manufacturing date except the 7 digit code at the bottom of the bottle. 1303132. But I can't figure out how to read that code so maybe I’d just guess. March 13, 2013 and 2 years.

Deep down layers of skin*... and there’s an asterisk below which is "Stratum corneum." Wikipedia says that: The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead cells (corneocytes) that lack nuclei and organelles.

There is Methylparaben and Propylparaben included in the ingredients. I’m not a chemist but I wish to be informed about parabens. Parabens are said to have been found in the breast of cancer patients. I also purchased a Myra E lotion and it’s fascinating to know that it doesn’t have a paraben on it, but I don’t like that lotion. I encourage you to read articles in Wikipedia and other sites about Methylparaben and Propylparaben and become a conscious and responsible buyer.

-I like the smell
-I like the color of the bottle. It attracts me.

-I am in an air-conditioned room during work days and I usually feel my skin dry.
-It has no spf (but I’m pondering these days if I really need one)
-Costs more than the Silka Lotion
-A bottle doesn’t last long because I use it frequently

4.5 / 5.0
-because Silka is cheaper

I thought of “No” last time but I found myself buying my next bottle. I like how it feels so light on my skin even I reapply it many times.

I wish to find another alternative lotion that is light in the skin. Cold and hydrating.


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