Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Vampire Diaries – Book 1

Just my “First” impression.

I bought a second hand book of vampire diaries because it’s available and cheap. I’m also curious about this one since it’s a bit familiar and I’m trying to make myself acquainted to it. I have this questions in mind like, “what’s with this?” Yeah, I’m kinda late updating myself and I believe that I already heard this Damon and Stefan way back high school.

During my college days, I was able to borrow all the books of Twilight Saga. I admit I was caught with the book, thanks to the movie first. Without the movie, I wonder if I would be interested to read such books because back then I am not yet a very eager reader especially if it’s not available just within reach.

Reading the first chapters, I am a pretty bored. It’s not reaching my expectations but I have to remind myself that it’s too early to make judgements. The flow of the story has slight similarities with the book twilight but twilight was more exciting to read. I like the way that Bella is just an ordinary girl, not like Elena who’s famous and a beauty figure. Not everyone is born like a celebrity right? And in Bella’s case it’s much nicer to think that from just being simple, there is a potential for adventure. Maybe this will appeal to person’s average like us.

It’s childish to cry from guy’s rejection. It just shows a very big desire for attention. Maybe writing is really an art to play with words and make it attract sympathy from the audience.  Sometimes, if the writer is good, he/she will be able to inflict emotions to readers. That’s what Twilight did to me.

It’s corny with its high school kind of love affair where everyone dreams of getting attention. Ang landi kasi. For the meantime, I’ll just give in with the idea that that’s really a typical thing “to them”.  So far, she’s a villain, conceited main character for me.

Maybe I have to reread the first chapters of the book to get a new perspective. Anyway, I’m still halfway in finishing the first book. Para siyang paligoy-ligoy and wala naman talagang gaanong nangyari sa book, pinahaba lang. Well, let’s see if this impression will change after I’m done with the first book.

Damon and Edward is both mysterious
Avoiding Elena and Bella but in the end was not able to restrain themselves.
I’m still wondering if they both can read minds.

Quotes from Vampire Diaries
“An aristocrat should dress as befits his position. If he does not, he is showing contempt for others.”
“Healthy body goes with a healthy mind”
“Evil will never find peace. It may triumph, but it will never find peace”

Watched the first episodes of Season 3 Vampire Diaries
The movie is more interesting, and the book acts only as a complement to the movie. I’m starting to get hooked up with the movie but then it’s unfortunate that I have to start with Season 3. I don’t have copies of Season 1 and Season 2. I find Elena beautiful and I like her young face. I didn’t expect to like her appearance until I saw the movie because she does not stand out in the book cover.

A vampire can dream.
Manipulation of people.
Game of popularity to maintain social position.

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