Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halalan 2013

For another time, probinisiyana exercised her right of suffrage.

I was having an internal struggle if whether I would vote or not. Nakakatamad kasi. And there would be a lot of people for sure. After lunch, I was lying and still contemplating until my conscience hit me. Isa akong mabuting mamamayan then laughed. I actually already dressed before that, so all I really have to do is get up and change my short into jeans.

So, I was wearing my loyal faded purple t-shirt and my white shoes, my college getup. I brought with me a:
50 pesos only :D
I.D. (just in case)
Cream powder and lipstick lol.

All of it was squeezed on my pocket. And so I set off.  It was tolerably hot past two of afternoon. I still can’t decide whether not bringing umbrella is something I should regret. Though my face didn’t deny the irritation it did to me. Then I came to my old school where I graduated college. I know where to go for I have my mother to inform me. She went first, early in the morning. But I realized when I went to that particular floor that I don’t exactly know what room I should be. Silly. So I went looking at each posted paper and luckily I remembered my Mom saying that maybe I’m number 15. And she’s right.

I can’t remember finding any information on how to vote this time. No flier, no flow chart, no advertisement and so on. Or maybe I’m just so isolated and I missed it. I’m hesitant to enter because you know; there are people who are sort of territorial and have this attitude of humiliating other who didn’t follow instruction. I tried to ask a young lady wearing a “watcher” tag but she ignored me. So I just went inside where first I look for helping eyes but still failed. I went straight to the facilitator in front.

“No no”. Yes, I was still a bit ignorant I was about to prepare myself for thumb marking but I was instructed I have to vote first. So a number and my name were written on a coupon band. I was given a thick paper where I would write my candidates. I sat in a chair where a long folder and a coupon band bearing the names of candidates. Sad to say, I discovered after I went home that it was actually 2 coupon bands because I was searching for my 2nd candidate but failed to find her. Mom said her name was written on the second coupon band. That may cause a loss to that candidate.

So I passed my paper. The facilitator still knew my name. She was my instructor back in high school. I feel honored whenever a teacher of mine from the past still remembers me. Imagine how many students a teacher handles. Then I left my thumb mark in the Voter’s paper and to another sheet of paper which contains the voter’s information. The latter I left my thumb mark and signature. Soon I saw my paper being deposited in that ballot. My fingernail was stained afterwards.

Those I vote were actually strangers to me. I just asked Mom who they want me to vote.

And so the journey of the suffrage gave me a bit of head ache, a decrease of 16php and lastly a bit of sun burned skin.

I have same blog about election early this year. You can check it here.


  1. sa dmmmsu pla keu ngvovote xmin z canaoay p ..cnung instructor un ng hs n kila2 k pwn?

    1. ung teacher natin sa araling panlipunan....yung nag pproject satin ng book ni Jose Rizal.. Cant remember what year eh.. :D worst, di ko matandaan name ni ma'am...


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