Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SUKO NA KO: Fusion Bolt

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I left my tablet with USB and OTG cable attached on it, and tadah... next morning it was fully drained.

I’m usually the kind of person who forgets that I still have gadgets to attend to. Most of the time, I went to slumber while leaving my work behind. Some gadgets were designed to cope up with that. But sad to say… FUSION BOLT DOES NOT!!!

And it is indeed a disappointing and heartbreaking thing that my fubo went into a poor state just because of that. I am not even a heavy user and I rarely use my tablet. And now, the battery is only good for more or less 2 hours of usage. (I only watch downloaded youtube videos and ebooks T_T ).

It is still functioning though, but the once promising battery specs that were advertised were now proved its self unsatisfactory.  Yet, for those ‘excessively’ careful, this is still an instant treasure. Yeah I know, it’s my fault.  You better watch this video about batteries, this is a mind opener:

Fusion bolt is not for reckless users since it is a CHEAP but HIGH MAINTENANCE (low quality). That is what you get in cheap products. Pero okay na un, it really depends how crucial your files and how much you are willing to risk.

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