Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No luck with lotto

I wasted another P40 for lotto just yesterday night. If you would sum up all the expenses you made for all the gambles all of your life, well that might be enough for something to invest into more valuable things. But then the idea of getting rich is tempting especially for those not that so lucky in life.

It was already months from my last try. In fact I won baliktaya for another time but I can’t find where I placed the ticket. I was surprised that the price of lotto grew and became consistent P20 each effective May 17, 2013 as posted outside the outlet. Meaning, it was approximately 5 months from now since I joined the last draw.

Just because of that dream where I won the lottery that gave me idea I might as well try. Did try but no avail. This kind of thing is really a waste of time and money and I’m quite disappointed :D. But well, I’m can’t promise I will really stop but I will limit this kind of activities.

It will always be long and hard way to richness…

Here is my old post about lotto:
I am a Lotto Winner

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