Monday, October 21, 2013

MOOC, Taking Online Course

Mostly hates school. They should feel privileged enough because it would be their ticket into success. Education is not only a responsibility but of my passion. I’ve been dreaming of getting back to school. Maybe this time, I will work on my social skills. Because in Coursera, one instructor quoted “A big part of education is getting to know people and getting socialized and understanding how an environment worked” and that gave me a sinking feeling as truth was being told. An unintentional mistake from my past. But school and work? I don’t know how to squeeze it on my schedule and most especially of my status being financially unstable. I’m even reserving my poor earned salary into some other future investment. Then enrollment came. Still undecided and then boom… I can’t return the past back anymore. This is God’s will maybe.

And maybe the desire was too strong that it came attracted. “It’s in the universe”. Just like in the “The Secret” book, if you know that book. So it came.

FREE ONLINE COURSE. I’m ecstatic. What’s more? It offers subject related to my course back in college. Real back to school can wait. I will commit myself to this one first. Though I prefer real school setup, like my initial plan, the quality of information I will learn from this seems not bad at all and worth trying.

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