Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans | My Way

My sister was the first to introduce me what a good jeans should look like. Not long after, my brother said “Who’s gonna look at your butt?” (something like who cares?), during the time he saw me staring at the back of my jeans in the big mirror. I didn’t really give it much attention after that. The only thing I knew is that it’s too hard to find a pair of jeans because it’s always skinny jeans out there.

Buying jeans is like trying 10 jeans every time to find the right one, discovering that the good stuff are already taken or there’s no sizes left. That's just how it is for other people.

Just few days ago, a guy friend told me “I saw your female friend, she has a flat butt”. That was tactless and careless thing to say. I'm in a mild shock and was distracted. I didn't know how to react since I never expected my guy friend capable of saying such thing. It's awkward but quite funny as it made me realize it's somehow true. That was really a crazy conversation and to over analyze it just hurts my head. The best thing to do if you care enough is to say it to your girl friend so she would be aware too. That's if you're really is a friend.

Pair of Jeans

The point here is, some people observes too much...

I'm not into skirts and dresses (though I like modern and cute dusters). I don't go out with just shorts too. It's mostly just jeans. I don't know if I would be embarrass how small the size of my jeans is or feel good about it. Some mothers I came across with say things like they miss the old time when they were younger and had a smaller waist. It never came a compliment to me though. There's something with being different that makes someone feel they don't belong.

Here are some ways how I pick the right jeans for me:

1. Only in places with fitting room.
There are some jeans that looks deceivingly okay but you can only prove that once fitted. It's not as easy like the way it is with guys. The fabric uses with women jeans is precisely cut into different body shapes. Different washes should match the wearer's needs and personality too. I was stubborn and naïve before that I bought jeans which ended up in the closet and not really used. I usually go in a mall than in a smaller boutique as it gives better freedom. This is also the time you can try and find luck with different cut and designs too.

2. Follow your instinct.
If it doesn't feel okay, it's not really going to be okay. Don't push yourself into buying something just because it's embarrassing with the shop owner or to the sales lady that keeps on following you. Only buy something worth your money. You're a wise and smart buyer anyway, right? Instinct is my original means of going for something right, but sometimes a little brain work helps too.

End Fold

3. It's like shoes.
The best are taken in a blink. Buy the jeans ahead of time. Visit the place once in a while to not miss the arrival of new stocks. Don't limit yourself in one shop too.

4. Personal strategy and knowing what you want beforehand.
I always go for straight leg but I usually just fold the ends of the jeans. If it's 2 inches (4 inches in total) then it's a candidate for fitting. I will prefer light and medium color since dark ones will only makes me slimmer when I'm already thin and avoiding it. I don't want lightweight jeans too. Medium and heavy is better. Some fabrics does make sweat obvious and should be avoided.

5. Better luck next time.
Front view, side view and back view should be perfect. It shouldn't make the butt look flat and should fit well in the crotch area. Long is okay but never mind short. If you fell compromising, get out of the place immediately. It's not your soul mate. Just accept it.


  1. I suck at buying jeans. Mostly because of buying them in a rush and not giving time to feel for the right fit.
    But once you get the right one, hallelujah! ;)

    1. Yeah tama! It feels so good to find the perfect jeans. Nakakapagod and sometimes I want to buy something kakapili ko ng matagal. Pag pinilit naman, nakakawalang ganang gamitin pag tumagal or can cause irritation :)

  2. I agreed that its not easy to find the perfect fit jeans. Most of the time, will stay with the same brand.

  3. It really is hard to find the perfect jeans. I have a big behind which makes it harder to find one that fits just right in the waist area. And I am extremely lazy trying to put them on in fitting rooms. I think I'll go for shorts from now on. Hahaha.

  4. I love jeans! Whenever I go shopping, I don't buy a pair of jeans without fitting them first. It's okay to stay longer in the fitting room, instead of buying something that looks ugly on you

    1. That's a rule in the thumb I'm following too. Even clothes, it also needs fitting since each kind of fabrics hugs our body differently.


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