Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ponds Cold Cream Deep Cleanser Review

Ponds perfect care cold cream

A curiosity formed when my classmate in high school told me she was using this instead of the regular variants of Ponds. I’ve tried searching it but failed and never saw it. Maybe it was phased out but I actually just didn’t know it was in a jar. Years passed, it’s still the talk and recommendation over beauty forums. Good thing there’s product reviews available over the net.

Deep Cleanser
Removes stubborn dirt and make up

Tita recognized this when she saw the jar. She said it’s a product that is used even before but she personally didn’t join the wagon. She seems interested but not really into these kinds of things. She doesn’t wash her face but uses a lone toner instead. 

Spoon spatula for cream

Texture | Smell
It’s not really greasy and the thickness is not intimidating. It’s a cream that melts when rubbed in the skin. Just imagine how butter melts. The classic smell is just fine and is not strong. There’s a hint of baby oil in the scent.

It comes in a more acceptable jar design. Still, I’m not comfortable taking a product out using my finger. It’s just unhygienic. 

Ingredients of Cold Cream

Washing the face with just water and soap is not comfortable and to completely clean the face, a makeup remover is needed. If you're a heavy makeup user, you need to apply the right amount (not to small) to make it easier to wipe and remove the makeup residues. A jar will last you more than a month.

Directions For Use:
  1. Apply pea-sized amount on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread and massage gently over your face and neck. 
  2. Tissue off or remove with a wash cloth to take out deep seated dirt. 
  3. Re-apply as necessary 
  4. Wash off with water and face cleanser, like Pond’s Facial Wash

Wiping make up
The brown powder came from Bench Magic Brown Powder

This is my favourite make up remover now though I’m not really using a lot of make up in my face. There are times that I only use this to massage my face and to loosen those thick facial sunscreen or dirt that has been stuck in my face. Sometimes I use this to encourage myself to clean my face. If you’ve just done with a facial wash from a spa, this is a good maintenance to keep the blackheads from reappearing.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Travel friendly.
  • It’s not heavy in the face at all.
  • It works well with my oily skin.
  • It’s easy to wash.
  • A good make up remover.
  • Can be use to remove waterproof mascara.
  • It’s not written in the box, but has a claim that it doesn’t clog pores.

  • The issue with mineral oil. However, I feel that this product is gentle and is not penetrating to the skin. 

How to put cold cream in the face

I love to use this with Kojie San as there’s still remaining cold cream after washing it. It’s just faint but it makes the face feel very soft and makes the skin firm at the same time without hampering the ability of Kojie San to remove pimples. It’s not the same experience with other cleansers though. Most cleansers strips everything even the natural oil of the skin so no wonder it will also remove the cold cream completely.



I still want to know more of its ingredients.

Which ponds product do you like best? or what make up remover do you use instead?


  1. I love Ponds products especially their cold creams. It really removes makeup as well as it prevents hair dye color to stick to skin when applied. They are amazing!

    Thanks for sharing the review.

  2. Ponds has been around for decades and have stepped up their skin care in that time. It really help maintain smooth and radiant skin.

  3. I love Ponds age miracle face wash and day cream. I have been using them for quite sometime. I use the day cream before applying my BB cream, and that's it. Will check out their cold cream...

    Nice review! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing Ms. Chiq ^_^. I'm using the new released Ponds. I haven't tried their BB cream yet or any BB brands. I have oily face kasi pero I wanted to try just for the sake of trying. Time will wait for age miracle in my list...

    2. I use Étude house BB cream, I haven't tried the Ponds BB. I'm contended naman with étude house precious minerals BB cream. Though it depends naman din if it's hiyang to your skin. Luckily hiyang naman ako.

  4. How I wish that's aside from their Pond's Men's facial wash, they will also come up with an entire grooming set.

    1. Meron. Remember the commerical of Xian Lim?. It's Pond's Men Energy Charge Whitening Facial Foam with coffee bean extracts. It's available in Lazada but I'm not sure if I've seen it in groceries.

  5. I haven't used Pond's cold cream yet. What I want in a cleanser is something that I don't need to wash off after using. I go for rice water cleanser for that matter since most of the time, I'm tamad to remove of my makeup because I'm dead tired and just want to sleep. :)

  6. I often wear make-up so I am not sure what to use in removing it. I usually just wash my face with Ponds Acne facial wash. My favorite Ponds product is their BB Cream, or their regular facial lotion. :)

  7. I remember my aunt who loves using this product when I was young. The packaging is different back then. For me, I usually choose a toner to clean my face.


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