Saturday, March 21, 2015

Surviving from Negativity

Minding other people can be wearing. There's too much wrong practices and bad intentions everywhere that drains the energy of those in the good side. To get involve causes stress and stress is something not to be underestimated us it can give us unimaginable diseases.

It's hard to just smile and pretend. Have you ever felt drained with the people around you? If only people will learn to respect and care, life will not be selfishness and survival of the fittest. The most contagious disease is not found in the hospital but in our corrupt character. A cruelty received can change a person’s goodness to another cruelty.

At some point in our life, there's the realization that we need to be a good artist and perform a good show. Turning blind eyes will always be the easiest reaction. But it can be tiring and degrading. Some will say to just accept it and live our life. However, ignoring this will only give more room to the greed of others. It will get worse unless actions are made.

While the area condenses due to increase of population, expect a different level of competition and tactics for survival. Here enters the rivalry for resources and a meaner approach to get the best. Soon, you might become one of them. Guilt gone in the process then later loathe how dirty we've turned.

Being positive is very important. If you're negative, it will only trigger them to be even more negative. As if it's easy. As we age, it's gets harder to feed our soul. We see too much.

When negative comes and it starts to drain you:
  • Don't ignore, acknowledge it but handle it properly
  • Protect and take good care of yourself.
  • Have a list of plan on how to overcome the problem.
  • Stay short and don't linger long.
  • Or leave.
  • Buy & read inspirational books.
  • Focus in their positive side or any positive event and bring it up.
  • Encourage them and be compassionate.


  1. Knowing Jesus turned me into an extreme optimist. I just brush off negative or discouraging comments I hear here and there. It doesn't really matter to me what they say, only what God says truly matters. When I do get to a point of wavering even a little it just makes me open my Bible and pray, God calms me and gives me true peace that can only come from Him.

    It's saddening though that too much negativity is going around the world. We should encourage one another, there's too little of that going on. Have a great day! God bless!

  2. What you said was really true, people do have a bad habit of draining me out because of the stress they bring. Thank goodness you gave that advice. I’ll be trying that to be more positive.

  3. I seldom allow myself to bear too much negativity, it ruins my day, affects my way of communicating with my kids and in the end I am still the one with the guilt feeling of making them suffer because of my negative outlook. I promised myself to always be open minded no matter what. (",)

  4. Thanks for sharing this article ! I always admire people who can survive without being affected with all the negativity around them.

  5. I have to totally agree. Negativity drains us more than we can imagine. I've learned how to stay away from negativity esp negative persons because it's just stressful. And after learning this, my life became much easier and lighter. It wasn't an easy thing to do - it will test your patience really - but we have to keep trying to ignore the negatives and focus on the positives. Because life is too short.


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