Sunday, March 22, 2015

Do You Want to Know Your Future?

I don't know what the Bible say about fortune telling. I don't know when it becomes a sin. There are those that are gifted and there are prophecies told before. So what's the difference? There are some fortune tellers that undergone traumatic or tragic experiences before the power to read minds or see the future becomes apparent. Why did they have to go through that hardship and suddenly transform? Isn't that scary? Who gave them the power?

Just few days ago, I let my Aunt read me. I was just joking and I didn't actually know that she does that kind of things and to what extent her ability is. Since she was a relative, it didn't occur to me to think twice. Then it's too late to back out as it turned out it's serious. I wasn't even comfortable as we have other family member listening. I was just laughing at first when she guessed everything right about my partner's personality. However, she guessed 1 wrong description or perhaps she just picked the wrong term that time. The thing is, I felt deeply sad when she said there's another guy coming.

I know what I want even when I was still young. I want 1 boyfriend to be my partner husband and partner for the rest of my life. I waited long enough and had a boyfriend. It was a huge heartbreak and recovering was not easy. It was like I could never love that way again. Even after being careful and reserved, life threw another relationship that just ended and nothing to be proud of.

Then present bf came. I was afraid that the scar of the past will never heal. The ghost of it still haunts me. It was very traumatic I wished I never met those guys before. Bf gently picked the pieces back together, gave me the best love of all and treated me very special. He's the only guy I want to marry.

Maybe it was because of my reaction that Aunt refused to speak more and said she'll just continue next time. I was in verge of crying that time and there's few tears as ride the bus on the way back home. It's still up to me to pick the choices laid upon me. I can end up with him if I really want to. I don't think that meddling with fate is a good idea. It's as if there's a price to pay. I'm clueless of what will happen and not sure if I can bear hear the specifics. Another heartbreak? Seriously? But hey, we still don't know the whole story. No more spoilers.

I don't know if this should be kept secret though I have told bf about this already. The world is too complex. The universe will give you your thoughts. Somehow, this kind of prediction has also affected me negatively. There's coldness, emptiness and numbness.

Pick your questions carefully and be ready with the kind of answers you'll receive.

There are reasons why things happen and there are lessons to learn. Do you want your future predicted? Have you tried fortune telling?

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