Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Olay Coconut Body Wash Review

with coconut milk

Body washes are so nice to use at it is pampering. In general, they’re a luxury and just a treat for our body. Bar soaps found in the market are mostly whitening and to find a moisturizing soap, you might want to consider liquid soap. Skincare companies here in our country are already creating their own version of body wash. In weather we have here, let’s see if a body wash have a say or if it can eventually capture the heart of the majority.

Why buy body wash instead?
  • Because it’s easier to use.
  • It doesn’t totally strip the natural oil of the skin.
  • Cleans and moisturize at the same time.
  • Some ingredients can only be added in a liquid form.
  • Some say it’s hygienic. (The sponge is not hygienic if used by everyone though. It spoils and needed to be hanged and dried properly).

Olay Body Wash

Since it is Olay, I have a high expectation with their products. It’s just that I didn’t like this body wash mainly because of its scent. It doesn’t smell coconut at all. The scent is hard to describe, maybe it’s something fruity or food like. Some people like this though. It doesn’t linger long. It’s only noticeable when you take a product out of the bottle.

Moisture Level

It is very smooth and it glides well in the skin during the shower. When rinsing, it feels like something is not totally removed. Perhaps that’s the moisturizing residue/film. Once air dried, it doesn’t give the skin an uncomfortable smooth and dry feel which is something good. I wonder if the towel takes the toll by absorbing what is left in the skin and becoming dirty in return. I still use a lotion and their combination doesn’t overwhelm.


This is best use at night and with a puff. Its smoothness helps in achieving a calm and relaxed slumber. You can also bask under the sun as it won’t make you feel slippery.

  • A totally clean feeling is hardly felt. Washing it is quite frustrating (but it’s something expected of a body wash that moisturizes).
  • The “works beneath the skin surface” and “24 hour moisture protection” is quite unbelievable.

With puff and without

On the positive side, I didn’t experience a dry and flaky skin within the period of use (except my abused hand). There are other factors that might contributed to my current healthy skin though.


Only if you like the scent.

2.5/5. Still a passing score for me.

Have you tried any Olay product? What products with Coconut have you tried recently?


  1. I love olay I've been using their moisturizers for years. So hindi to maganda? Gusto ko din sana itry to aside from the soap.


    1. Yung scent lang sis. Minsan kasi mahirap maenjoy yung pag gamit pag hindi mo nagugustuhan yung scent. It works just fine as a body wash, creamy madulas pero pag natuyo is totally not bothering.

  2. I do love Olay products - they are part of my facial skincare routine but do like their body wash range too! Lovely review! Sim x

  3. Olay is a good face cosmetic brand and now they are expanding to body products. I can understand the frustration of washing it off. It's better to have that than a soap bar with no suds though! ;p

    1. I will agree with that. Good thing I like the other other Olay body wash... ^_^

  4. Hmmm... your review was mainly positive yet you said it's not worth a repurchase... so were you expecting a coconut smell?

    1. Oh sorry, I don't mean it's not worth repurchasing. It's more of like "Will I repurchase?". Since this is not my favorite, I will not. Nonetheless, other people might like this. I just want to emphasize that every product has a good side and a not so good side.

      I was thinking of Coconut smell. Even so, it turn out that I didn't like the scent of this to continue using it. It smells different from a Coconut I have in mind. However, I realized maybe it really does smell like a coconut, just the brown kind. The one used in cooking.

  5. Ohh I just cannot wait till I get to try this one. Seems great.


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