Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Brand of Jeans

I really don’t go for signature brands for my things. It’s just not practical and I’m not even rich (unless it’s an asset and will not turn a liability). I stay in the middle. Good quality, pleasing appearance & reasonable price are my personal standards when buying. It’s like doing a treasure hunt and the gold is found through good deals. If only this it is not time consuming.

The coming of skinny jeans brought difficulties in finding affordable or cheap local jeans. Most of the jeans that are available cater the size of the average consumers. But how about those who have strange sizes? For instance, I am unfortunately bow legged. Leggings and skinny that hugs every inch of the skin is a big no-no. I’m thin and tall with small waist, small hips and good butts. Thanks to Jag. This is where I buy most of the jeans that perfectly fits me.

Why is that it's a Lee paper bag instead of Jag?

Still, it would be nicer to find some right jeans that costs around P300 above. I want to save the expensive jeans to special or pampered occasions and use the cheap ones in a short stroll somewhere or in doing some dirty works.

I’m praying that straight cut will be back in the market asap. Hopefully a variety of jeans will circulate and not just skinny all the time. It’s like 6 years has passed and I haven’t bought a P300+ decent cheap jeans :(. So far, I see little progress though.

In jag jeans, I go for their skinny straight kinds of jeans. This gives me a chance to look good in a skinny or an illusion that I’m wearing one when in fact it’s a mix skinny and straight. It gives me curves too.

They have different set of jeans for certain body types. There is a set that is all skinny, straight skinny, for larger body types and so on. I fall in the straight skinny category. Not everything fits me in this particular set but most ends up perfect. This mostly works well with those who have small waist/hips. There’s some regret when few of the jeans doesn’t look good in the side view or when it fails to hide the flaw of my imperfect legs.

Why I like Jag Jeans
  • It lasts longer compare to the other brands I’ve tried and yet more affordable.
  • Works well with my figure.
  • Mostly looks good in front, back and side view.
  • The greater chance of finding something that fits well especially in a rush need.

I’m still on search for other brands though. I love the fitting of RRJ that is 2/3 the price of Jag but does fade easily which I don’t like. I once loved Crissa too, but they’re too skinny for me now.

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