Friday, July 31, 2015

Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner (with Argan) Review

moringa malunggay herbal shampoo

Herbal/natural shampoo usually doesn’t lather richly so I was surprised with how this set turned out. The design of Moringa shampoo looks like it’s an organic product but it’s not. I was initially amazed when I first used it since it lathers and works like an ordinary shampoo with just a little twist.

Moringa shampoo feels very gentle to use. The unisex scent is clean and refreshing. At first, you might feel that it lathers like Sunsilk though the distinction between the two shampoos becomes noticeable if you use the Moringa longer. Aside from having a clear blue appearance (which sometimes looks green too), Moringa shampoo is not stripping and drying.

shampoo and conditioner content

There’s some transition on the first week. My hair oils up easily. It’s like my scalp was finally allowed to breathe. After the adjustment, my hair became normal. My scalp feels healthy and alive. The natural oil of the scalp starts working to nourish the hair strands. I try to follow the use of shampoo on every other day only. If I use the conditioner alone on the second day (without shampoo), I noticed that the roots on the top of my head is quite oily but tolerable.


This also feels gentle. It detangles the hair and makes it soft and smooth. It’s a good everyday conditioner for normal and virgin hair. The only con is the difficulty in rinsing and determining when it’s thoroughly removed. It doesn’t feel like Argan-y but it has a slippery smooth texture when rinsing it.

  • Healthy and not drying for the scalp.
  • Cleanse well like your regular shampoo.
  • Smooth stroke when you comb using your hands.

back of the shampoo conditioner

  • Those with dry hair might find this not moisturizing enough for their hair needs. 
  • It doesn’t help with dandruff but doesn’t aggravate it either. 
  • Packaging needs improvement. Few words looks distorted as the plastic covers the bottles. The instruction in shampoo and conditioner at the back of the bottle is identical. It’s redundant and can cause confusion. 

  • Nothing really grand for the final look of the hair but it feels healthier than using other commercial shampoos.
  • The shampoo, even the scent, reminds me of dishwashing liquid. Not that it’s bad.
  • I need to use a hair serum with this.
  • Not sure if it contributes in minimizing hair fall or if stimulates hair growth. Maybe the way it cleans the hair alone helps in the overall health of your hair and scalp.

ingredients of moringa shampoo

I might consider repurchasing it. I rarely encounter a shampoo that is friendly and encourages scalp to do its job. The conditioner works well with the shampoo but I find it uncomfortable when my hair feels like it’s not thoroughly rinsed (which might mean that an improperly rinsed hair is equal to dandruff).

Recommend? Yes
Rate: 4/5

Recommend? Maybe
Rate: 3.5/5


  1. I didn't have the chance to try this products but will try to buy one. Organic products are good to the body as well in our hair. When I was a child, I always use the coconut oil, waited to dry in my scalp for 10 minutes then I rinse it.

    1. Try it! I think it's a local product but it works just fine. Let's buy pinoy products. I would recommend the shampoo more than the conditioner but it doesn't hurt to try both. When it comes to organic products, I think I'd like the raw version more.

  2. I'm surprise to know that Malunggay now are been made as ingredient to shampoos. People loves using herbal toiletries will surely be interested to try this.

    1. I was surprised as well. It's like using a vegetable for the hair. I wonder if Malunggay does really helps us externally though I don't mind since malunggay is very native in our country.

  3. I've seen this in supermarkets and I've contemplated on buying. It's just a bit more expensive than some brands. However, if it really works, I might as well try it soon.

    1. I've noticed that it's quite expensive than other synthethic and commercial shampoos too. Each costs around P180. If they sell it in sachets though, I might replace my shampoo with this.

  4. I would want to try this as I'm fan of natural products. However, the scent may be a turn-off. If it's a good smell of dishwashing liquid though, that might be acceptable.

  5. The product shows one of the wonders of Malunggay. I like how you meticulously notice the label and information written in them. I hope they will find this review and give attention to improve their product.

  6. my cousin recommended me to try this product to overcome my hair thinning problem, do you think this could help?

  7. i did try it and it was horrible. my scalp has a lot of acne breakouts. so i opt to go for watsons argan oil shampoo and conditioner.

    1. May mga shampoo talaga na maganda sa buhok pero hindi maganda sa scalp. Yung mga ganong shampoo sometimes sa hibla ko lang ng hair ginagamit. Hiyangan din talaga.

      Pero maganda yung sa Head and Shoulder na conditioner with Argan oil. Ang head and shoulder kasi maganda for both scalp and hair. Pero mas makakaachieve ka lang ng super shiny hair sa mga shampoo na intended for hair strands.


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