Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why I was Gone...

It started because of migraine. I thought it was just a simple head ache. Too bad I am very stubborn when it comes to taking medicines especially when I can tolerate the pain. Days passed and I still have it. Sleeping early made me believe that all will be well for the next day. The pain still persisted. I even tried taking a short nap at work but it didn't work so I decided to take a paracetamol. When it didn't ease the pain, I realized that what I have is migraine. That's the only time where I felt the pulsing pain too. I didn't took Ponstan (the only medicine that works with my migraine) and just sleep early again. The next morning, I still have a mild head ache but it subsided before lunch came. This took 4-5 days.

Then dsymenorrhea followed. I though I won't have it because I'm taking tea and was exercising the weeks before the migraine occurred. All of this made me irritated and freaky. I'm not sure if it's all about hormones or there are other things that might happening inside of me. I was unstable, tired and helpless. I have a short temper too. Then I regret the hurt I caused to those people who became the outlet of this ill feeling. I became sad and uninspired but I'm okay now except that I'm having a hard time staying late (still struggling to have a free time for blogging).

I hate transacting with cunning private companies... that made me more stressed during those weeks.

There are still some nice things that I am grateful for. I appreciated my guy best friend when he visited me especially now that I am feeling the lack of presence of my other best friend who supposedly the person I can count on. It cheered me up that at least I still have a friend who really keeps in touch. Then I felt happy to be there for my beloved cousin during one of his hard times. I felt like I said the wrong and negative words instead of something super comforting though. I don't really sugarcoat.

Jergens Eco Bag, tumbler and Aloe Lotion
This is to acknowledge the give away of Ms. Christine where I won.


  1. I hope u are feeling ok na now. :)



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