Sunday, May 3, 2015

Eyebrow Dilemma: Thin Trim

Thin eyebrow with my whole face
When an eyebrow emphasizes bigger eyes. Perhaps the thinnest eyebrow I every had.

Never let a guy or a gay trim your eyebrow if you don’t want it to look very thin. I’ve just gotten tired of my eyebrow. I wish someone could maintain it for me. Kaya ko naman eh, nakakatamad lang! It requires a lot of patience. One wrong move and you have to wait until the hair grows back again.

Do you trim your own eyebrow? If yes, you must be good or a beauty junkie. I mostly just rely on salon. If I will trim it myself, I have to read a lot of articles first and watch youtube to remember the proper way of doing it. I don’t find most of youtube videos helpful. They’re mostly redundant and they use a liner or fill it afterwards. Less is better and I want a natural looking eyebrow that doesn't need filling.

I want a shape that compliments my face. It’s easier to maintain it if it is trimmed according to the natural eyebrow shape. Yung iba kasi, once they don’t use an eyebrow product, they look less pretty or almost hairless. That’s why cosmetics becomes necessity.

Strands of newly trimmed eyebrow
Few days later, the uneven trim becomes more apparent.

With thinner eyebrow, the space between my eyebrow and eye is bigger and gave me the look of a person who just cried. It accentuates my roundish-almond eyes. Since the length is obviously shorter, the arch is noticeably high. The under eye dark circles made my eyes rounder and the arch makes me look irritated and annoyed even if I am not. The first time I looked at the mirror, I feel raw. Thin eyebrow makes me think of prosti :(

In general, I don’t have a problematic eyebrow. The thickness & blackness of my hair strands is average and is fine. The only problem is when the growing strands messes with the eyebrow shape and the few times that I want to fill the skin between the strands. 

Coloring my eyebrows
Horrible. I only own one eye liner that is very creamy, soft and doesn't last long. Maybe I need the powder kind?
I added a tail here to minimize the appearance of big eyes but yes it's still a work of an amateur.

Final look
Nonetheless, it looks fine from afar but still not advisable. I still need to learn more.

I actually want to buy an eyebrow product for special occasions. It will look better in the pictures during night time if you filled your brows with color. I don’t know that before, that’s why I was wondering why I look sick and different with some of my pictures given that I used a make-up (look how inexperienced I am). That’s the case if the subject is closely taken with a flash. The eyebrow becomes light and it reveals the skin underneath. The natural light (or when the subject is far) gives an illusion of a darker eyebrow because of the shadows the hair strands creates.

I’ve been eyeing a brow kit from Etude House but I usually ignore the thought of buying cosmetic products. My reasons includes; buying in the province means waiting for a long arrival time or travel far to find a decent store, realizing the product doesn't suit me, buying products I won't constantly use, regret from spending money and not wanting to live a life of coloring my eyebrows daily.

Any advantage of thin eyebrow?


  1. I so know what you mean - that happened to me before and I was pissed. I've been more careful ever since. I wasn't blessed with thick eyebrows & the last thing that I'd want to happen is for them to be uber thin ( nightmare ... ). I go to CANS for the monthly grooming of my brows. It's easier to maintain and the girl who does the trimming & all has been taking care of my amazing arches for years now.

  2. I think, having thin eyebrows can be aesthetically enhanced by eyeliners. I think it will depend on how you contour it.

    1. A lot of girls actually do that especially those who have thin eyebrows.

      The thing is I don't really have a thin eyebrow :( it only needs proper cut and trim that time. It was just an accident. I know some guys who let other trim their eyebrows too.

  3. Yeah, try EH. I have one which is retractable and it works great. I'm not regretting on my money spent on cosmetics though because I think I deserve to be pampered and I also enjoy cosmetics.

    1. I believe I have a glance of it in your blog. I might need to check it again. As much as possible I don't want to use products in my eyebrows because it's tedious for me.

  4. I honestly don't like thin eyebrows.. I usually have mine fix at Browhaus - no other brow salons, they would most likely fail you... as per my experience on other salons.

    1. I hope I could find a salon for my eyebrow too...

  5. I really don't know how to trim my eyebrows. I go to Brow Haus to have it threaded but I haven't visited in a while.


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