Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Kit Review

I wanted to try Celeteque before but I always end up having a variety of facial products from Sample Room so it just stayed in my pending wishlist. I don’t regret picking this travel size since it served as a trial version for me. More sulit than buying the full size and not knowing what to expect.

Even though it’s not the specific cleanser I want, it has the alcohol free toner I’m really curious of due to its witch hazel extract (saw raves from forums). Being able to try another product, their moisturizer, is a bonus too.

Celeteque has a simple, fresh, and clean packaging. The right color combination emits a gentle aura. It’s like it promises a solution to your skin problem without fuss.

  • I prefer a sleeker design for the tubes (facial cleanser and moisturizer).
  • The flip of the tube is hard to open, but it could also mean a spill-proof container.
  • Ingredients are not included in the box nor was it written at the back of the products. (Perhaps only the full size has the written list of ingredients.

  • True to its hydrating effect.

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Kit

Facial Cleanser:

Using this gave me a healthy and baby soft skin. Finally there’s a non-whitening cleanser that could make my face rest from whitening products. It smells like a mild hair gel. The runny consistency (which I don’t like) makes me use a lot more of the product. How I wish they will condense it a bit. It’s not the lathery kind but more of slippery. It 95% cleans and the rest is removed by the toner.


It was my first time to use an alcohol-free toner. The cotton balls tugs in the skin initially and it’s like putting a vitamin water in the face. It has a mild unisex scent and evaporates less fast than a toner with alcohol. It’s not as cool too. Using this helps me know if I’ve really cleaned my face thoroughly plus it brightens the face. So far, it’s the best toner that I have tried.


This is scentless. It is plain, light and hydrating. The best part is it help the powder set in the skin evenly, which reminds me the importance of moisturizer. A potential alternative to my HG plain moisturizer (Myra E)

Celeteque Travel Kit Products

It’s a maybe for the facial wash. It didn’t totally remove the tiny pimples in my forehead (comedomes) and the consistency of facial wash is quite wasteful to use. Hopefully yes for the toner and the moisturizer, I might buy them if I’ve gotten bored with my usual set of facial products.

Yes. If these product were introduced to me during high school, I might have used these for my still young face then. Unfortunately, it was not advertised in the television and was not referred by friends etc.

Rate: (Rating may change after reviewing the full size products)
Cleanser – 4/5
Toner – 4.5/5
Moisturizer – 4.5/5

Hoping to finally find a product that can help my face look natural, smooth and pimple free (should not whiten me more) so I could finally venture to make ups. Preferably mild yet effective.

What products did you use on your face when you were just young? Did you start with mild products?


  1. Celeteque is one of the reliable and known brands for skin care so it is not a surprise to see your ratings. I haven't tried a toner without alcohol too! I should try this one. :)

    1. Try mo sis. It helps in brightening the face. It feels more gentle but sometimes parang wala lang... :)

  2. I'm not really into Celeteque 'cause i break out. :(

    1. So far hindi naman ako nag breakout. Yun lang I still have some tiny bumps in my forehead with this set. Not sure if the case is the same if I have used a full size bottles instead. But well, this is for hydration and they have a different line for acne. Maybe there's some Celeteque product that will work for you.

  3. Personally. I would want celeteque because my face is hypoallergenic. Also, it will be best to buy a kit like this so you will make your beauty regimen in order and precise. The review was superb although, I might disagree with the facial wash effect. Most of the time, you will see the effects in a week or two.

    1. Uu nga eh.. maganda to have a complete set ng travel kit products. So far, I have used it naman for 2 weeks Sef. Yun lang it would be better kapag months ganun, we will know the effect better, but then what I did is more of sampling lang.

  4. I would give this a try. The size of the containers work for me because I travel a lot. Following that, Celeteque has always been a trusted skincare brand.

  5. I only use Celeteque as my facial wash. Very nice talaga siya. :)I have those size too when travelling.

  6. I've been seeing Celeteque everywhere but I haven't personally tried them yet. But just seeing your review about it and other nice comments I am itching to grab one myself.

  7. I've tried some Celeteque products. My skin doesn't really react well with all of them. I find that this cleanser and toner dry my face too much. The moisturizer was good though especially on hot days.

    1. The cleanser is okay to me... Maybe the toner you were using is the Celeteque toner with alcohol? They have both the "alcohol free" and "with alcohol". I don't like the latter. It doesn't help my pimples at all, perhaps I have a sensitive skin. I'd better be alcohol free

  8. Ok naman ung product so far. Hydrated talaga ung skin.Walang breakouts lately pro andun pa rin ung pimple marks.

  9. Makakatulong po ba siya na makapagalis ng pimple somehow?

    1. Sorry for the very late reply. Depende din talaga kung hiyang sayo yung product. Kung mild lang ang pimples mo, it might help. Lalo na kung ang reason ng pagkakaroon mo ng pimples is due to not washing your face before you sleep or pollution. Pero kung medyo madami pimples mo, trial and error lang ng ibat ibang products.


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