Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Feeling of Losing a Phone

I always lose my phone. Not all of the time, sometimes it's just damaged. I am clumsy that way. This time though, it's a different story. It was stolen. The person who stole it was even sitting beside me hours ago. I could have caught him if I realized that it is lost right away. It didn't struck me. And I am not naturally a suspicious person. But now? I might and I need to.

I Lost it in the Bus

I'm a sleepy person, it has been my problem ever since. So I nap in the bus until it already passed our house. First time it happened and the first thing I did? I searched my phone. I do that every minute to communicate with my bf. I cannot find my phone in my bag. The pocket of my laptop bag that was in my lap was strangely open. But I need to get up already and leave the bus. Down the road, I searched for my phone. It's not there. I want to pour all my things out from my bag but where can I do that in an unfamiliar place? I am already panicking but I'm trying to be optimistic. The phone might be in my bag. I decided to just go home and have a better search inside my bags.

I heard conversations at my back... I feel suspicious at person sitting at my right side. There was a moment I felt him move side-wards and I am not comfortable at him.

“Please.. it has to be there” that was my silent prayer when I was walking on the way home. When I came, I immediately scattered my things and yes... I'm really unfortunate, it's gone. How I wish I have a car and that I could chase the bus. I really wanted to try but the vehicles here are few.

Losing a material thing that I am really attached to is an experience not new to me. It's hard to get over during first time experiences. But with today's another bad luck, the usual helplessness is there. What will I do now? What did I just lost? What is in there? What if I didn't go home? What ifs... I always lost everything but honestly, everything will be gone at some point in our life. It's just a matter of when. Nothing is permanent even the things that gives us joy. So what's the point of continuing life? The heaviness of everything made me want to just sleep and forget everything. I feel numb at the same time.

Life sucks and sometimes I get tired of it. After nawala ng phone ko, tinatamad ako na ewan... I still feel the loss. Para akong nawalan ng pet. Nakakalungkot pag may nawawala na may sentimental value.

You'll never know what kind of tragic things life will throw you. There are a lot worse things than this but you have to be strong. You still have to continue living. Detaching ourselves with something we have learned to love will always be hard. We might not know when will they gonna leave us but still we have to be at least prepared. Don't be a na├»ve of life. Life is scary. There's a lot of things to be scared of with life. Natural accidents occur... but there are also “us”, some of us, who makes living scary for others. It's not a bad world, it's a world full of bad people who can frame us, hurt us, kill us, etc.

How sad that we shouldn't trust our fellow human being even if their physical appearance suggest a saint like nature. How dare the guy sitting next to me do such thing. If only I listened to my instinct. I was dreaming of being protective with my bag that I really hug it during my lucid interval and my sister/aunt's reminder that there are thief in the bus was coincidentally replaying in my mind back when I was just half awake in the bus.

Lesson learned:
Don't trust.
Everything that is digital wont last. Too bad I'm an I.T.
Take actions immediately.
Wrong doers should be punished.
Be alert. Always take note of time and the vehicles' plate number.
Security is important.

So now, another tedious task...
Buy a new sim
Go to telcom. Report the loss of sim card.
Change and update information
Search for my cellphone box.
Search my sim holder.
Report to police (optional)
Go to NTC


  1. Kapag ako siguro nawalan ng phone sis hay naku baka sa daan pa lang humagulgol na ko! Ingat lage sis.


    1. That's why I prefer ordinary cp pang text...Kaso hirap ng walang pang selfie at nahuhuli sa mga nauusong mga apps. Saka napansin ko kapag merong security they will return it.

  2. Oh, sorry for hearing such a bad thing.

    Two years ago I lost my phone but I wasn't sleep. I helped a girl just dropped on front of me, I carried her to a close safe place and I gave her my phone to call a friend and bought here juice and, at the end, I forget the phone with her, bad luck.

    The strange thing is, we are friends now since she called me next day and told me that she lost it.

    However, I just lost the phone :(

    1. Aww how did she lost it? That's ironical especially that you just helped someone but became unfortunate in some way. But then, it's just a material thing. What matter is, you have a good heart and you helped a person in need.


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