Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beginning and Refusal to Networking

It doesn’t feel right when huge money is involved. Letting go is not easy, especially if it’s hard earned. If I was born rich or if money comes easily my perspective might be different from now. I am not a huge risk taker. I need to consider my current status and I will not invest into something I am not familiar or deeply knowledgeable.

Trust and transparency of the company is important to me. However, there are times that the pressure of peers becomes a problem more than the reputation of the company. I don’t know why other people are lured at the thought of investing because of the promise of big and instant money that in reality takes really an effort (or resorting to some deception) to have it back. This just shows our laziness, greed and ignorance.

Remember that money is the root of all evil.

I should not let money control my life. I need to make money but I don’t need money to make me into something I won’t be proud of. Maybe I might join on those kinds of risky investments if Php7,500 is just a small portion of my millions (something like this) and just for the sake of experience. But if I only have Php7,500 for my  savings, that’s what you call gamble and very unwise.

There is only one person who I admire that was involved in pyramiding activity before. After asking me once, he didn’t press it again. He didn’t even want me to accompany him in their office to escape the sales talk of his team mates. He shares the real situation, without luring or deceiving me at all, like how he’s becoming bored and lazy doing the selling stuff. That is the kind of conversation I like (now you know if ever you want to offer me something someday). I don’t mind selling because I’ve done that before. Money was the only issue during those times, but the main things I will consider now is “Who will be my customers?” and “Do I even like the products I will be selling?”

Unfortunately, even our love ones becomes a victim of this too. A kin of me joined a networking business that sells perfumes. I didn’t join the scheme but I bought a perfume for her even if I’m not really into perfumes. I know it’s only a genuine desire to earn money but I feel very sorry that I cannot join (still for her). Later on, she quit. The worst experience was with my old friend. After not having conversations for months, she phoned me to borrow money and lied for the real purpose of it (for networking) and not because she cared enough to make up for our friendship. It deeply hurt me and trusting her again won’t be that easy. You should know what matters to you in the end: relationship or money?

What is your networking story?


  1. Being a marketing and advertising graduate, I got to understand how networking works. Personally, what I hate about networking is that the only way you can earn is by recruiting more people to the "network". And the most thing I hate about it is that the person who recruited you will have a portion of your earnings. So the earnings of the people you have recruited will also share it to the person who recruited you. Wait, did I make sense there?

    Anyway! I just hate the fact that some of those in the networking scheme is earning so much because of the hard work of his lower level recruits. That's why I bluntly refuse their "coffee" offers. Parang ang dating kase, kayang kang lokohin just to recruit you and earn from you.

    Sad noh?

    Louise of Tales & Escapades

  2. Hay naku ung mom ko ang hilig sumali sa ganito. Isasali pa talag ung name ko.


  3. A lot of these MLMs and networking are actually just pyramiding schemes. Don't fall into their trap. I had a friend whom I have not seen for years suddenly call me up and invite me out for dinner to which I gladly obliged. Turns out to be an orientation for USANA! I really hated her for that and made sure I told her how wrong it was for her to do that to me.

    You may want to visit this website: . He analyzes a lot of these money-making opportunities, many of which turn out to be scams.

    1. The same thing that happened to me. All of them are doing the same stuff and perhaps teaching it to those they have recruited. Parang sirang plaka lang. So it's easy to spot them, like they have memorized everything. I wish she would realize that..


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