Friday, August 14, 2015

Writing for Other Blogs: Is it Worth it?

Advertising in blogs doesn’t yield immediate profits. It’s like a tree; it needs proper nurturing and years before it could bear fruits. To become famous, you need to work hard and create good connections. A patience that can persist for a long period of time is a must. One of your enemy, if you write your own article instead of hiring a ghost writer, is it can cause you to burn out. You need a creative mind or at least make your blog presentable. Your articles should be very entertaining to keep your audience or very useful enough for search engines to display. There’s the part where you have to promote it too. You have to self study to be competitive.

I’ve been contemplating about a writing gig that was offered to me for a few dollars per article. Do you think I am competent for that? Is it worth it? I am not a writer and don’t know its fundamentals. I suck in subject verb agreement. Only when words sounds good together after reading it, then that’s the time I decide that it’s okay to post. My choice of words is simple. But for general SEO purposes, it’s better to make it simple and engaging. Remember that the general population of those who are searching in Google, Yahoo and the likes are looking for easy answers.

But how does it feel to become a ghost writer for other people’s website/blogs? Or should I just write for my own blog even if it’s earning just a cent? For starters with no guidance, it’s intimidating. You’ll take tests, create different accounts, make resumes, prepare for interviews, and increase your reputation by feedbacks from previous clients. That means you’ll work like a volunteer with a very little payment first. Then you need to have a Paypal and bank account. As a good citizen, you also have to pay tax even if you’re earning like a peasant.

There’s so much to think of but if you won’t try, you’ll never know.

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