Sunday, August 16, 2015

They Fight Again

I don't why they always fight when my boyfriend and I rarely fight on the first year of our relationship. The only cause of our fight during the early stage is him drinking (he's banned from doing that) but the rest works just fine between us.

Within that first 3 months of relationship, this guy I am close with always cry. Sometimes even in front of me. The relationship either makes him so high or extremely down. She's not his first or second girlfriend but their relationship is more of puppy love to me. Or maybe it just happens that she is his first love.

People fight because they want something that was not given to them. It means “Please change” or “I'm shy to tell exactly what I want from you so we'll fight hoping you'll guess it after”. You and your partner are two different worlds clashing to become one. He's from Mars, you are from Venus and both of you meet on Earth. Fight occurs to cement you two. That's when compromise happens, the give and take part where one of you (or both) change to make the relationship stronger and to last longer. You will understand each other more and will learn to respect the differences both of you have.

Most of us don't understand why a fight is there. Why not when we are not used to it. We are preoccupied with too much hurt/rejection or returned it with our own anger right away. We don't realize the opportunity that is in there. We are still so young to understand what love is. Some don't change as a way to rebel or they simply don't care enough to study the root of their problems. There are some too who start to belittle their partner because he/she always throw a fight. They ignore the nags without realizing that the more they avoid it, the more the problem piles up. And more fight will come which stresses the relationship. The balance is lost. The relationship will end.

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