Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vampire Diaries: The Fury Book Review

I've watched 1 season of Vampire Diaries and it's nice and very addicting. I assumed that the suspense part of this book will lead to the father of Klaus, the vampire who made Katherine a vampire. If you don't know Katherine, she is the original girl in the love triangle. She made Stefan and Damon a vampire. The female protagonist here is Elena though. Katherine is long dead and the two guys fell in love at Elena whose appearance resembles Katherine.

In the TV show, Katherine is alive. But in this book, her appearance is quite lame and isn't surprising. If I didn't know the video counterpart of this, maybe I can still get shocked. Her rage is not relatable, it's actually stupid. Everything is her fault. That doesn't justify her to throw fit and kill people. She's not horrifying enough to be the cause of the great dread.

The Fury Book Cover
The Fury by L.J. Smith

It's quite annoying that the suspense is presented in a dramatic way and then the threat is just empty. The only way to beat the evil power is when all of them unite and if there's a sacrifice. All of the protagonist are safe and none of their friends is dead. For me, a sacrifice is like a life taken away. The only dead character is their enemy. That doesn't count as a sacrifice. There was also a part where Bonnie mentioned that her mother uses a melted lead for predicting the future. Isn't that explosive when combined with water?

I was not able to have an attachment to any character or circumstance in the story. I was not amazed. The love story feels forced when the author makes Elena like Damon too. Yes, she's greedy but it's obvious she's meant for Stefan no matter what. I've struggled a bit in the first part of this book. I halted whenever nothing hooks me or when I'm sleepy. The pacing only gotten fast at the last part of the book. The kind writing is very simple and easy to read. Older elementary students can read this.

The story line is very different from the tv series. Elena became a vampire here. If you are looking for more depth, the book won't offer you that. The book is too simple while the tv show is complex, scary and action packed. The book didn't made me drool over the guys but I might still read the next books to see how the story will go. The Fury is the 3rd book of the Vampire Diaries. The first two books is better. Watch the series instead!

Rate: 3.75/5

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