Sunday, August 2, 2015

Movie Review | Mission Impossible 2015

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

This movie has a high ratings that I can't totally relate with. Why so high? The movie is not awful but I'm not completely amazed. I am numb after and I find it difficult to conclude a final say. It's not the kind of movie that I can still think of after but it left me bewildered. It's a fine movie that is in the middle of average and excellent.

now showing mission impossible

The involvement of CIA here is quite ridiculous. They're CIA yet they can't capture Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). The casts are few too and for the first timer like me the IMF looks like a team of 4 (not that believable). I need a subtitle here as I can't understand their conversations well. Ethan still has acess with some high end equipments even if the IMF was already disbanded.

It's not boring. Maybe I'm just hard to please. So far, I still reach the point where I get nervous in scenes where the casts' life is at stake. It's still an action movie if you're looking for one.

I asked my cousin if what movie does he likes better, Ant-man or Mission Impossible. He chose Ant-man because of the consistency. True enough, the climax of this installment started early and in the middle. The last part or the ending failed to surpass the excitement it started. That could be the flaw.

Rebecca Ferguson

Thank goodness it doesn't have a kissing scene. That doesn't please people anymore as it's already a tedious repetition in other action movies. Comedy as a common addition in action movies is also sickening. This movie has just the right amount of humor in it.

The two cast that has a lasting impression to me is Benji (Simon Pegg) and Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson). I don't regret watching this because of the two. Ilsa has a kind of sexiness that you'd find wholesome and still she has an angas factor. She shines here in the movie. I admire her. Hopefully she will still appear on the next movies of Mission Impossible or she'll have her own movie. I'm partly confushed on her role though. How could someone who works for the terrorist has an obvious soft side?

I'm waiting it to be predictable but it's not. The story is simple though. This movie has a little sentimental side when it comes to their loyalty and friendship with each other. There are few moments that they're a bit emotional and soft considering they're guys.



me and couz watching movie
with cousin

Need some escape from the usual routine of going home early else I'll get crazy. Life gets boring.
We still need someone to talk with.


  1. I just watched it earlier. It was super hyped, but agree that it's not-so-great. It dragged a bit for me, but it was a good film to watch on a weekend - a good break from dystopian society and end-of-the-world themes.

  2. It was not that great but hey there were some action scenes that were quite superb. Just like Russ, it was highly recommended if you are a fan of action movies. :)


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