Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thinking of those Kids that Time

I went to her classroom to deliver my belated birthday gift. She's a grade 1 teacher. Some of the chairs are still empty when I came inside. The chairs, painted with light blue paint color, makes the room looks amazingly pleasant. It’s not gloomy, thanks juices! It’s comfortable and very refreshing to the eyes. Kids really need to have a room filled with different light colors because it’s good to their age. The kids are also very amusing to look at. Tiny little version of our race. That time, a part of me wants to fool and play around with them. Years ago with a different set of students, I brought a camera and they all came to me like a bunch of minions. It's like Gru surprised with sudden delight and amusement.

I’m scared of crying and insolent kids but I have a soft spot on kids that are naturally sweet and friendly. I miss those little kids from the past who once look up at me; it’s as if I was their idol. They’re cute and silly. They have a way of making you smile unexpectedly. It’s just unfortunate that we really don’t have a lot of kids in our place. That’s why I’m still scared to approach and handle those occasional little kids I met. I have only my little sister to practice at.

I wish I could have more kids-related outreach someday. I once went to an orphanage way back college since I was a part of an organization and that experience really touched my heart. I will always treasure the picture I have with two girl orphaned kids. It was my favorite picture. The picture is not allowed to be posted online. I was a part of feeding program last week, though sometimes I still prefer a one on one and real bonding experience with them.

When I was in the feeding program, there were little girls peeking at the window of their classroom. “Ate... ate...” Kumaway ako. Bawal suplada when it comes to kids. “Ate ang ganda mo daw sabi ni ano...” Mga bata talaga oo! XD Wala lang. Then today, I was embarrased when I'm on my way out, the little kids stopped and said ang ganda ko daw with starstruck expression and the embarrassing part is there’s other adults around. Next time makapagdala nga ng chocolates... pero sana wag na maulit yung ganun, don't know what to say and do :|


  1. Replies
    1. They speak their minds. Walang halong pagpapanggap. They only learn those things as they grow up and start fitting in the world of adults. That's why it's nice to be with them because they are what they are.


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