Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Argan Oil Hand Cream (Naturals by Watsons) REVIEW

It’s pretty tricky to make a review of hand creams. It’s different from lotion applied in the body because you use your hands pretty often. Thus, you distinguish more of its texture and its effect. I have a sweaty palm, so when my sweat glands is inactive, my hands become superly dry. I don’t want it to look like my grandma’s hands yet, so prevention is needed.

Since my favourite brand seems phased out in Watsons already, I bought this Argan Oil Hand Cream of Naturals by Watsons. I’m about to just buy one but I’m stuck with buy 1 take 1 offer, the sales attendant insist it. Most of the time, hand creams are more expensive than the lotion counterpart. I wish I could just buy a regular lotion but can’t. Ordinary lotion is either too heavy or greasy to the hands (unlike when used in the body) or doesn’t really moisturize the hands and just accumulate on top of the skin. Besides, it’s more inspiring and easier to remember to moisturize when there's a cute tub or tube right on your own working table.

When buying hand creams, you will notice that most of them are light and only quite moisturizing. They usually played it safe. It’s like it’s meant to be used every time you finish washing hands to replenish the lost moisture. This Argan Oil Hand Cream belongs to that category. It’s just weird that an oil ingredient doesn’t always means you’ll work on something heavy. You really have to try to know. I was hesitant to use this because of the Argan and that it is probably heavy. The choices for affordable hand creams are mostly limited so I still grabbed it and wished myself a good luck.

Naturals by Watson Argan Oil Hand Cream contains ECOCERT Certified Organic Argan oil from Morocco which is naturally rich in essential fatty acids. Its intense nourishing and moisturising effects provide nutrition and protection to your hands and nails. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E and Vitamin K from Soil Association Certified Organic Avocado Oil and Wheat Germ oil provide revitalising effects, keeping your hands soft and supple after use.

This is good for day use. You don't need to worry that it will transfer on your things i.e. grease on the screen of your smartphone. Maybe just a bit but ignorable.

  • It hydrates the skin.
  • It doesn’t make the hands slippery.
  • It dries fast.
  • No skin irritation occurred.
  • You can reapply this hand cream as much as you want.
  • It works just fine for the nails.

  • But the frequent use means it will get emptied fast.
  • Be careful when squeezing the tube because the hole is big. The area surrounding the hole is messy with remnants of cream.

  • It’s not very moisturizing. If you have a very dry hand, you might want to use a heavier moisturizer. Or perhaps you might use this in the morning while you give your hands a body butter treatment every night.
  • It smells like Lemon (sometimes like Garnier).

Repurchase? Maybe. Argan oil hand cream of Naturals gave instant relief to my hands but there’s no further improvement. It didn’t make my hands glowing with continuous use. It triggers sweating only if I’m tensed. But for ordinary and simple day, this cream will do. I don’t mind if I’ll have another tube of this too.

Rate: 3.75/5

What's your hand cream?


  1. I think it's not bad for something under the watsons brand. Have you tried the other argan oil products like the hair care ones?

    1. I haven't tried a lot of watsons product yet x( we only have a small drugstore here for me to hoard. I've tried other brands with argan but it seems that products usually only have a small amount of oil in it. I've a tried pure Argan oil but I didn't like the smell of it. But that doesn't mean that all brands would have a smell similar to what I've tried before.

  2. I once worked with Watsons for 5 years, and I know their products so much. They loved to sell their products in a B1T1 scheme, and consumers always GO Ga-Ga with the promotion. Actually we also reserved items for us, for our personal use. Hahahaha..hoarding lang ang peg sa loob ng stockroom, especially if we know that product really works great.

    1. That's nice naman ms. Raine to immediately know the promos and reserved some for yourself. I'll do the same thing if it was me. Perhaps I would get acquainted with more brands and learn which is really effextive among them.

    2. I know that feeling! Inaabangan ko din Buy 1 Take 1 ng watsons hahaha! This Argan Oil Hand Cream sounds good for office use, sana magkaroon din soon ng B1T1 hehe

  3. I am currently using one from The Body Shop and I have an on-the-go mini tube from Etude House. Both are very moisturizing. You might want to check that out!

  4. I have really dry skin so I usually carry lotion around, one time , I forgot to bring one and I was desperate so I entered watsons. I saw they're buy1 take 1 lotion and I just had to get it. I was thinking, affordable price naman buy 1 take 1 pa. I loved the product a lot so now, it's really what I use.

  5. Which brand of hand cream do you recommend? Thanks!

    1. Ang gamit kong handcream ngayon is yung Collagen by watsons. Okay naman siya so far.


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