Sunday, August 2, 2015

thread: Snippets of July

Ginger tea because I don't want to drink medicine. Yeah I'm stubborn. This is very effective though. 30

Chicken meat at the center. I'm not afraid of rats until this happened. I caught 1 rat using this kamoi paper. This is the only time that I realize how gross it is. The little rat is alive and staring at me. I can't pick the paper because of that and it's trying to escape. It's still a living thing that it breaks my heart too. I need a guy in this task (yohoo bf!) What I'm afraid most is that those little vermin knows how to take revenge. I was not able to caught the other rat because well, they're smart.  The same trick won't work with them. The kamoi paper also caught 2 poor lizards. 28


When you can't help being ignorant. How can I eat these dalandan if they're too green? What sucks is, I bought it! 23

When I'm so afraid in the dark and then I found him, guarding me. Nakakatouch diba? 21

After 3 weeks of continuous rain, it didn't rain in the afternoon. Finally! 20

Returned... 19

The tears that came because of this... 19

It doesn't really help. 19

The first morning sunshine! 19

Those guys, they always like chocolate. 13

I'll be careful next time. Street foods are not really cooked well (but I still ate this). It's like eating kilawing (raw) intestine. Be careful in buying fish balls too, I noticed that they're recycling the cups. It's obvious because the cups looks quite brown. I wonder if they do the same thing with sticks. Hello Hepa! 11

How about learning to play too instead of just always watching? 11

Lesson Learned: Don't underestimate oat meal and champorado. Nasususnog din yan pag napapabayaan. 11

It’s not yet raining hard but oh com'on, jeeps ignore passengers. There’s a huge mass of people waiting for a ride (including me). I’ve waited 6 stop lights. This scenario hardly happens before. It seems that it will be a common thing from now on. It even floods on areas it doesn’t before. Some say it happens because of the construction of new malls and restaurants. Rice fields are now converted into commercial spaces and filled with additional soils to elevate it. It comes to a point that I always bring slippers na. 9

It’s awkward when a guy cuts your hair. Ang bilis :( and it seems like he’s rushing. 8

Liking my new black shoes. Marikina made? 6

It’s a mild rain yet capable of suspending class and work. So when I went out, I saw the damage brought by yesterday’s previous storm. It’s weird. It’s supposed to be just normal. It’s the kind of damage you’ll get from floods. It’s not caused by strong wind this time, the prolonged softness and wetness of the soil made the trees fall. 6

A stormy whole day... and it’s even Sunday... Not the strongest storm so far but continuous rain and moderately strong wind is a silent killer, it’s still damaging. Rain = unproductive days. Agree? 5

Why rain the whole Saturday instead of just weekdays? How to do the laundry without a dryer? Why is that it's still humid? But this rain... itmakes the green vibrant. I know it's nice to sleep and eat champorado etc... 4

happy birthday 49! Thanks for the treat...

New member of the family. I like the gray puppy! So cute...

details of doll shoes

Loving the details of my new doll shoes

stormy night

The day before, I was soaked from the afternoon heavy rains. This time, I've waited for the rain to stop but the strong rain pours. When it rains it pours. Feeling a bit silly for waiting. 6.30pm

little apples

I need these darlings in my life...

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  1. How to do the laundry without a dryer? -- This I can very much relate to! Haha.



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