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Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap Review

This is my favorite soap. I’ve been using this since last mid-year. I started on my face and then soon in both face and body. I believe this is the most effective whitening soap I’d ever use. I heard my friends saying I gotten whiter. Comparing it to the past though, I have lesser time and money for beauty products and I was studying that I can’t easily get rid of the sun so maybe it’s one factor.

Don’t use whitening soap if you’re always under direct hit of the sun

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap
Where to Buy: Watsons or Mercury Drugstore

I can’t completely recall why I bought this but I remember I was inspired from this one blogger who slowly exposed herself in changes. And also, I finally became conscious of the tiny bumps in my forehead. It doesn’t really look like a typical pimple and it’s not even itchy like an allergy. Still I believe it’s an allergy, perhaps in dust, and I had that since high school. I wanted to resort in dermatologists but trying different product won’t hurt for me.

The bumps slowly vanished within 7 days. Yet it comes back when I forgot to wash my face or I was exposed in too much dust. But come to think of it, if you only use it on your face the tendency will you will have a very white face that doesn’t compliment your body. So better use it both to face and body.

A Kojies San Soap Look
What is kojic acid?
Kojic acid is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice, for use in the manufacturing of sake, the Japanese rice wine. ~

-Helps combat tiny bumps in forehead
-Still lathers generously despite the small size
-There are times that I don’t need to put powder on my face because of this soap.
-Quickest lightening soap.

-It melts easily

Kojie Soap Instruction and Ingredients

I have an oily face, or mild oily if there’s such thing. Sometimes I don’t use moisturizer after this. I use Myra E in my face as moisturizer. I experienced stinging too when I stayed it on my face for a minute or more. It even frightened me. Eventually, my face had gotten used to it and I don’t experience itchiness now.

Tipid Tips
-Attach the small pieces of your Kojie San soap with the larger one.
-Price / Grams. Know which is cheaper by dividing the Price to Grams.
-Leave the soap in your skin for 2-3 minutes to really whiten your skin.
-The 3 bar is cheaper or if you want the cheapest, buy the biggest box.
-You can cut the soap into half.

Sometimes, after using this soap, I felt like super ghostly white as if I was soaked in white vinegar.


Yes. But remember, there are products that might work for others but not for you. Be gentle on your skin… It’s better to have a healthy skin. Know how some products’ ingredients works.
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  1. Replies
    1. welcome back... looking forward sa future posts mu.. :)

  2. I'm also using this sis and it's super effective. A lot of my friends said that I've gotten whiter pero I think another factor that can be considered is that I don't go out a lot anymore. I was inspired to use when I saw a morena highschool classmate of mine again. Her morena skin is now ghostly white. I asked her if she had gluta shots but none. She just used Kojic soap. I bought one box the next day and didn't stop using it ever since. It also control my breakouts. Hahhaha

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. When I have breakouts because of trying different products in my face, I just go back to this Kojie San and wait until my face is free of pimples again. XD

      Happy blogging ^_^

  3. I'm currently using this soap on my dark spots. I can say that it's effective 'cause I noticed that my dark spots lightened and there's a micro peeling.

    1. True to its claim. It gives visible result. I never experienced peeling in my face though. I don't know if the ingredients causes mild exfoliation, I might research about it next time.

  4. I'm using this soap too actually HG Soap ko na cia together with Cyleina Black Pearl Soap pra tlgang effective. Mei mga nagsbe din na effective dn daw toh for acne or pimples. Kasi yung BF ko gmgamit dn nito, mapimples dw cia dati isa dw to sa nkawala ng pimples nya.

    1. True it's effective because it has Kojic Acid. Some dermatologists recommend the use of that ingredient. I love this soap too, my HG for pimples. It's just that it's too effective for whitening and there are times I wanna rest from getting whiter. It feels unnatural kasi when my face is too white while the arms are sun burned.

  5. hi I am using it now, is it okay to use toner after washing with this soap then moisturizer after toner, kasi my bed time is not complete without a toner :)

    1. It's okay as long as your toner and moisturizer isn't harsh and strong and if the ingredients doesn't conflict each other. Start with soap alone routine and slowly add 1 product at a time so you could track its effect on your skin and so you would know which one causes you allergy/irritation if ever.

  6. This packaging has no kojic acid sticker in the middle of each bar of soap or on the side of the white packaging. How can we tell if this is authentic?

    1. Eversince I bought this brand of kojic acid, I've never seen it with a sticker. It's a cheap product, so I think there's no need for it to have stickers etc. Just buy it on legit store...


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