Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How I Chose my Tab?

I am noob in gadgets especially when it comes to the rule of the thumb of experts. My reason is much more of an opinion of dummy end user.

To begin with, I’m not a techy person. I don't even have the means to buy latest technologies especially the expensive one but I do have some devices with me such as laptop, camera, desktop, camcorder, printer and the likes.

Here are some things I considered:

Who wouldn’t want to buy a product that offers nice specs? With nice battery and nice processor.

I was looking for a tab that will offer a longer time of usage. I'm in the middle of expensive and cheap choices. I'm not afraid of spending a lot but if something cheaper is promising a not that bad performance, who am I to argue?
I’ve been roaming around but only Fushion Bolt gives nice battery spec.

This will suit me considering my light purpose of just reading eBook, typing and watching short video clips. I'm not a gamer.

Support Filipino
I’m not a cherry mobile fan, but maybe once in a while I’ll try to support the venture of our kababayan.

Keeping updated
Cheap way in keeping updated with the latest trend. Hindi pahuhuli.

So far hindi naman ako nagsisisi sa tab na to :-)

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