Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am a Lotto Winner

Yeah it sucks…

In my lucid dreams, I regard snakes as a sign of possible money grant. My mother said that when your hands get itchy or seeing a snake in a dream is a sign of money. But in the past days, those signs were taken for granted since I’ve lost twice a long time ago. Yesterday, I got a good dream that attributed also in my waking up heavily exhausted. My dream is about coins. I was in the playing station of a mall when I discovered the technique to make lots of coins in one of the machine. I was as overjoyed as luck seemed so generous to me. I tried other machine and I almost discover the technique too but my waking up interrupted me.

This is my 3rd time to bet in lottery. I forgot the initial reason that pushed me to try back then. That coin dream yesterday morning triggered me to try my luck.

And I won the so called baliktaya. Earlier I thought I won the amount of P100 pesos. I don’t know if I won baliktaya before since I tore all of my lotto ticket after.

Consolation Prize for 6/42:
P20,000 for 5
P500 for 4
P20 for 3

First time: The new thing here is I used a random number. Next time I might try using some strategy. Every bet will have a first time story…

I found some interesting trick in probability gambling here. (What a word.)

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