Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Printing pictures in Colorado

Just some new stuff…

And so my journey continues with printing pictures. I need to attach that for a card I will be sending to some relative in Visayas. It’s a lone picture from my tablet. I felt unwelcomed, like entering a private territory.

Well, I went there just for the hope of getting a printed picture in a quality paper and ink. Pictures have value. Printing it on a typical ink-jet printer will lead into a very short lifespan. So I decided I would go for Colorado.

I tried very hard to look around to find the price lists of the services offered, something like a coupon band or posters. I’m standing but staffs take no notice of me. So I just asked question, but both of us can’t understand each other. Finally, I saw an unattractive album above the glass. I didn’t realize that it was what I’m looking for, and I’m not expecting the medium used.

I also asked if they have this plastic attached above the picture to prevent water from damaging it. I hope you get what I mean. Am I rude? I was answered in a way that felt I’m brainless. I just wanted a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with that, not something him saying about the quality of picture. Maybe I really have a problem in expressing.

I continued with a question of “Do you have viruses on your units?”. Hindi naman daw mawawala yung files, ma uunhide lang. I insisted, hindi. Macocorrupt I said. So he said, that is worm not a virus. I don’t know what happened next, for I am overwhelmed with the idea that this guy might be arguing with me. I am irritated. The heck with those viruses, worm is self propagating and they’re both malicious programs. I am not sure whether this worm is under viruses too.  He said they’re not accepting printing. WHaT? Then I realized that he thought that I wanted to print a word document after seeing lots of document files in my flash drive. Ganun na ba tingin niya sa akin? Mukang walang pinag aralan to go to that place when I knew that their store caters on photo printing?

Printing 3R costs 4php plus centavos I can’t remember. But their minimum printing is 20php. I got no choice but to let them print 4 copies of that picture to reach that minimum. The printing is fast. The back side of the picture has a watermark of Kodak. The picture is beautifully printed even though the digital counterpart is ugly for it came from my local tablet. The picture is glossy though, and I don't like that part.

Thus ,
-I wish staff is friendlier and accommodating.
-I wish that establishment will still return the proper change no matter how low the value is, i.e. cents. Else, they will sell their stuffs with no corresponding cent value. Hindi ba bawal yan? Wala ba sa law yan? It is still money. What a waste.
-Price list should be available and accessible.

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