Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cards and T-shirt to LBC

I don't know why I'm blogging this. Maybe I just wanted to include some things I did this year since it still goes along with the purpose of this blog. Or maybe I want to have a way to express my useless ranting.

So I sent a card and t-shirt for my partner. A present to remind him I remembered. I need to rush things and went for LBC instead of snail mail. Inside a card is a key chain I bought in a Christian Store. Funny when you will recognize that the cost of freight is more expensive than the price of card and keychain combined. It costs around 160php while my thingy costs only around 50php. Haha.

I went bugging again with questions. Buti na lang wala yung guy na staff. I’m afraid I’ll get offended by asking questions with him. Luckily, it was a girl this time. She looks busy to be disturbed with questions though, but I keep on. I was just asking if where would they place the mug if that’s something I want to send. Unfortunately, she said that they don’t accept breakable things. I’m doomed. How about the mug I’m planning to give to boyfie?

I also asked what if I will send a big documents, like for example the size of x-ray. She showed me the plastic bag that would be used if it fits there. But I’m not sure for I don’t have the document with me that time. But what if it doesn’t fit there? She said something that sounds like “day 1” and pointed some packages. I didn’t understand what she’s trying to let me grasp though. But she said there’s a way… But I don’t know the price of that alternative.

I’ll try 2Go next time. Rumors are that it’s cheaper.

Another Story
I was a bit embarrassed. Well, it’s only a keychain and card but he was very glad and that made me shy. I just wish I was able to see his expression. He said he appreciated it. Nakakakileg daw... >_<

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  1. ayiiiiiee ang sweet aman ngpadala tlg anu aman gft nya xeu?


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