Monday, November 25, 2013

When I Was Lying in Bed and Waiting…

Life thought me that no matter how you like to be with someone, you have to accept you'll be walking on the surface of the world alone. You will not have what you wanted, because the real challenge is accepting what is only there and finding almost impossible happiness within.

I've been longing for the same thing. Tried finding it and failed many times. I'm confused whether it’s a sign for me to stop or to continue hoping because maybe, just maybe, fate will get tired of me from insisting.

I'm tempted to shut it down, turn it off. To try and taste the fury of being abandoned. How about getting into the wild and joining in rebellious attempt for evil?

Don't trust anything that has a mind of its own. -Harry Potter

I wish for a perfect diversion and no more temptation for something I desire but will never be mine. Let me live and let me become numb. Too much hurt. Hurt them...

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