Saturday, November 23, 2013

Exam Day...

Today is his exam. I've been thinking about him the whole day and I admit I am worried about him. I wanted to cheer him up but I knew I am not that convincing. I need to be careful not to burden him up. I have to avoid saying unnecessary things and to hide unwanted emotions.

I wish to be strong when he needed it, to give him the comfort like what home offers after being outside for too long. I'm not even the one who’s having the exam, but I’m almost scared as him for this venture.

Yet being strong was something I am dependent of him too. He is my strength but I wanted to become his strength too. But I don’t trust myself well, I worry a lot and I panic.

I don't want him to regret, like what happened last time, and hesitate from opening his thoughts and feelings. Like water flowing, I wanted our sharing relationship to stream smoothly.

Trust him.

miss watching winnie the pooh movies...

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