Sunday, November 10, 2013

In the Eyes of the Beholder

“The more it is insisted, the more I withdrew to change things.”

Living with someone’s expectations is no joke. I’m used into not minding them until I cannot take it any longer. It’s too much. I despise hypocrite people minding other person’s business when in reality they’re not in the right place to say such things. I wish they look into their own flaws first.

I’m getting oversensitive lately, especially when I am surrounded with people whose character I despise so much. It’s like they have their own gravitational pull, like a black hole. You’ll be crushed when you are not strong enough. Pretentions, paranoia and insecurities. Worst, the threaten ego can do damage. Let’s just wish it’s doesn’t makes its way into physical harm.

“People are curious. They bark.”

Is it that hard to give kindness and genuine concern? Turning our hero into an antagonist is scarier as always portrayed into stories. Being rotten is contagious; why not pass goodness instead of it? Criticisms are destructive. It is depressing when it’s too much. The weight of being unaccepted is heavy.

Yet, if we don’t shape up, soon we will be forced out. Isn’t it?

I know I’m over reacting that time. But it was close to unlocking some nightmare that has long been ignored. And if you know how it feels when it’s frightening, you wanted to scream. It really sucks when someone is complementing incorrectly especially if you know yourself it’s the opposite. It doesn’t cheer the person, it sounds sarcastic.

“An aristocrat should dress as befits his position. If he does not, he is showing contempt for others.” -Vampire Diaries. The Awakening

When someone expects you to be perfect and always beautiful…

I need to calm down and yes, try to be beautiful…

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