Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Cleansing Cream Review

I’ve been switching to different cleansers mainly for this blog and because of boredom. There are still a lot of samples in my waiting list which made me cringe sometimes.

The cream is not thick or very watery. It is light, rich and very easy to spread. It feels mild and it doesn’t lather. It has a seal, which is something just appropriate for a product with natural ingredients. The sample only last for 1 week and few days and perhaps because it’s a cream type cleanser.

Burt's Bees cleansing cream

The coolness it leaves in the skin lasts for more than a minute. It’s the only beauty product I’ve tried that has a long lasting coolness. The scent is very calming and feels therapeutic to me. The experience is nearly similar with how liniments feel in the skin.

I am so drawn in this refreshing experience that my interest soared. Hopefully, I would be able to try all their other products someday. Who knows I might be sticking with their products eventually.

Soap Bark Chamomile Cream Swatch

Soap Bark

The powder form of Soap Bark, which came from a tree, is used as a substitute for soap. When combined with water, it creates a lather that is gentle to the skin. It is used as a treatment and also an additive to different foods and skincare products.


Chamomile can lighten and soften the skin. It relaxes muscles from pain. It soothes the body and help combat depression. It's good for those who have problems with sleeping and menstruation.

Chamomile and Soap Bark is in the middle of the long list of its good ingredients. If it is arranged by greatest amount, then it means that the two is not the main ingredient. But then, if you will consider all those wonderful things each of its natural ingredients has, it's a very good deal.


Healthy and natural.
It doesn’t strip away the natural oil of the skin.
Can skip moisturizer after.
Gives a clean feeling without heaviness.

Some people may find the coolness not their thing.
The plastic tube is hard considering the consistency of the cream.
Some product is wasted when squeezing the sample tube.
The ingredients, expiration date and instruction is not written in their sample size.

No foam or lather
The kind of lather the cream has.

Eyes. I didn’t find it irritating in the eyes. It is cool but not to the point it makes the eye teary. The tube doesn’t say something about the eyes. Only through searching it in their main website you'll know the ingredients, how to properly use it and the product description. But that's because I only have a sample size, it can be different with the real tube.

With Oily Skin. It is not very intimidating for my so oily skin. It is generally comfortable to use. I only feel the concentration of oiliness in the part of my nose in which my finger feels greasy. Not actually a big deal after patting it with towel.

Removing Make-up. I doubt its ability to remove make up. Perhaps it could when used with wet washcloth or a warm one. Washing twice or thrice is okay but starts to sound impractical.

Rate: 4/5

Yes. With natural ingredient it has, you'll be more assured that it is safer for you in the long run.


But in the meantime, I will opt for something that will clear my face from pimples.

This is:
One of the best new experience!

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  1. I like the natural coolness effect but im afraid that chamomile irritates my skin. Great review amd happy new year :)


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