Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dear Alex Break na kami Paano? (Book Review)

This book is mostly for those who are in a bad relationship (even though you don’t realize it) and those who are planning to move out. It’s good for NBS (No Boyfriend Since Birth), for those single in status yet haven’t learned the wisdom of breaking up and for those who are in need ideas to cope up from a failed relationship.

Book Title: Dear Alex, Break na kami. Paano?! Love, Catherine
Author: Alex Gonzaga
Alex Gonzaga book

If you're already giving the guy the privileges of a boyfriend minus the commitment, why would he even commit to you eh nakukuha na n'ya ang lahat, 'di ba? - #AlexAdvice

I was quite fond of Alex when she was not yet a Kapamilya actress. With that and her quote above, it sparked my interest. A celebrity writer? That’s something new.

It’s getting to know Catherine, not Alex. Her personal story could be the most interesting part if it was truly broadened and referenced throughout the book. It’s still a bombshell in some way especially for those who don’t know the real Alex. It’s a glimpse of her personality and vulnerabilities. I find it brave and fearless when she shared her past mistakes but that doesn’t keep me from feeling sorry for those guys. We should strive hard to be honest and thoughtful of other people’s feeling because it will surely create a chain reaction. When we hurt others, it will leak out to other unlucky recipient who becomes the outlet of revenge. The cycle will continue and might return to us in different form. Can this be the law of karma?

Just like Alex, I was once under the illusion of a fairy tale love story. That’s the part in the book that is easiest to relate with. However, I was more realistic, reserve and careful back then. It also took me a 1 long heartache and 1 wrong relationship before the enlightenment finally poured in my core. I may not like how she handled those succeeding relationships but that’s a part of her past now. Hopefully, she learned her lesson.

Recommend? Maybe and No. Fans of her might enjoy the book while teens may learn from it but it’s just an ordinary book for grown up and those who’s done with that chapter in their lives.

Lesson Learned:
Love is truly a different story. It’s only a chunk of the entire stories that builds us. We have life stories, career stories, etc. The person we admire in general might not be that admiring when we delve deeper. Just like my ex, I have to accept that the admiration stops in the part of his incapability of handling relationship well. It’s not what you see; it’s what you feel and what’s real.


  1. I wanted to buy this book pero nagdadalawang isip ako kasi I've been in wrong relationships too and I've learned my lessons na din so maybe I don't need it but I like the fact that I want to read it just for curiosity's sake.

    1. I really appreciate your comments Ms. Neri. Oo nga eh curiousity lang talaga why I have this book. I feel like this belong to the books I want to sell after pero it was given by bf, i'll keep it na lang. Senti lang :D I want to buy the book of Bianca Gonzalez too... i hope it's something worth keeping..

  2. meron din ako nito... naunahan mo ko magpost ng rreview... haha... i unexpectedly got it from a wedding. lol

    1. Ay talaga :D I'll look forward for your review too. I saw the Paano ba to in your blog, gusto ko din mabasa yun kaso wala ako nakita sa Baguio NBS. :(

  3. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I do hope these books talking about teenage relationships would help the teens of this generation to know which is wrong and which is right. Because if there are no changes, then I guess the purpose of these books are useless.



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