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The Fault in Our Stars (Movie Review)

The Fault in Our Stars with review
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It was bf who wants us to watch the film after being advertised in local televisions. The book cover may look very cute but that doesn’t mean I am enticed to watch it. I have its e-book version owing to some mild curiosity (just to know what the buzz is all about) but the idea of prior reading was abandoned because it felt like it was more special when both of us is oblivious to spoiling details.

It was weird not to be moved when the majority who watched this got tears and was touched. Did I gotten cold? I feel like a total alien due to contrasting impression. Just like the movie “If I Stay”, this can’t stand alone without the book. It’s only through subtitle that I was able to catch up, but the subtitle was still quick and unnatural. It’s hard to absorb or I‘m really that slow.

There are scenes that can cause confusion such as where the ticket really came from, the reason for Hazel’s climbing the stairs despite of her health condition and what they’ve found there after. It’s hard to relate on their excitement about the book “An Imperial Affliction” by just watching them. Unfortunately, the book is part of its fiction (There’s no way to understand the altitude of their soaring interest).

Gus, the male lead, was staring long at Hazel when they first met. It was different from the book. No wonder I felt strange for a guy with good intention to do that. It can be unnerving and annoying in real life.

The title of the book “The Fault in Our Stars” feels irrelevant and was not given great emphasis. That’s an opinion from someone like me who haven’t read the book. I still want a strong association with the title and the underlying story. Nonetheless, the title is undeniably catchy.

This movie is light as opposed to what heavy drama is even if they’re both a cancer victims. Yet, it’s not totally child friendly which is expected with foreign movies. Sorry kids!

Casts. Sharlene Woodley, who acted as Hazel, is not the stunningly attractive. She looks like Patrick Garcia. I might prefer her with longer curly hair to add a feminine touch.

Memorable Parts

  • When she said the eulogy is not for dead but for those who are living.
  • When she said “I’m stuck”.
  • Every time they’re being cute and funny.

Rate: 3.5/5

Tell me, did you enjoy watching the movie?


  1. I haven't watch the movie. Silly me i'm trying to find a hidden meaning in the book kahit sinabi na ni John Green na walang hidden meaning sa book, pasaway lang hehehe

    1. Hindi ko pa din nababasa yung book. Hmm... I will try to read it, and see if I will be curious na baka mafeel ko may hidden meaning din...


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