Wednesday, February 18, 2015

20 Capsules of Belo Glutathione with Collagen

Pack of Belo Glutathione Capsules

My daily dose
1 capsule is already expensive yet you need to take 2 every day. The experience I had with weight gain pills gave me horrible migraines after. A quick result with sudden end of intake is a huge adjustment for my body. I don’t want another migraine so I decided to take one capsules a day (always at 8:30pm). Besides, I only have 20 capsules. I’m comfortable with this than taking larger dosage per day. I’m not sure if that’s just fine though.

Initial result
The change is slow. I didn’t get fairer yet it feels that my skin is still in the process for that. Perhaps it will take months but the 2 weeks experience was enough to see some change.

The improvement is not visible during the first few days. Then I became too sleepy and uninspired to even create drafts for this blog. This supplement urges me to sleep. I’m not that productive and my mind is mostly not cooperating. My energy is at peak in the morning, but not at night. It’s silly to think that sleep contributes a lot to make the skin beautiful and that this supplement literally made me sleepy. I wish I took it in the morning instead. I really don’t like having a little control of my body during the hours I could have been more productive.

10 capsules

Still on unwanted effect
I had a terrible dark under eye circle. It’s confusing whether if it is due to oversleeping or short sleep. This bugs me most of the time especially with my lack of a proper concealer for that.

The morning and afternoon of weekends were spent with sleeping too.

Great Effects
I love the effect! I was skeptical at first but it really worked. I was ecstatic when I finally noticed it. The effect first took place in the back of my hand. It looks naturally and deeply moisturized. It’s as if the skin has freshly grown there. The effect in the arms followed. The skin luminous, milky like and has a supple feel. It looks very healthy. It doesn’t even look dull like what I scarily thought would happen. My skin has never been like this in just 3 weeks. I’m glowing…

The effect in the face
The facial skin doesn’t have a noticeable improvement yet. My arm is even lighter than my face. There was this one hot and humid day where I still experienced massive breakouts. However, I believe that the prolong use will help the face eventually. Just don’t be too confident in the early use of this.

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