Sunday, February 22, 2015

5th Avenue Moisturizing Body Lotion Review

5th Avenue Moisturizing Body Lotion

There is no extra or new claims. Fifth avenue just works fine for a dry skin. It's a straightforward lotion with a scent that lasts the whole day. It's okay for every day use but it doesn't have SPF.

It works well with my body chemistry and blends well with my sweat. Even if it last long, the strong scent becomes subtle once you perspire. I like this than using the perfume alone. It's like wearing the real perfume. It's a good coincidence that the scent is just okay to me compared to the other highly fragrance lotions I encountered before.

When it comes to being a lotion, I didn't thought it will work fine because of the strong scent. My initial impression was once applied and evaporated, my skin will still feel dry and hungry of moisture. During the observation period, I didn't really reapply this lotion after slathering in the morning.


I'm not a fan of perfumes but if every perfume is sold this way, I might get more interested (as long as it's safe and not cancer causing). Until now, I haven't found the perfume that will suit my character well.

  • Absorbs by the skin fast.
  • It's not heavy and greasy.
  • The consistency is average to slight runny.
  • A little goes a long way but works great in doing its job.
  • There are few times it gives the skin a minimal glow.

Still on scent...

The scent is sophisticated and sharp. It is unique and it smells good actually.

I am not annoyed and can live with the scent. I just hope it doesn't overwhelm others. So far, no complaints from them yet. It's not really that strong, just an opinion of first time user.

Swatch of 5th Avenue


The hole of the tube is worth appreciating as it controls well the amount of the product. The white color and the tube is a good choice too. It's simple and sophisticated that way.

You can actually make your own DIY lotion mixed with your favorite fragrance or create a unique fragrance by mixing 2 different perfumes. Just be careful of this new formulation as it is not tested and might cause allergy reaction.




What's the best lotion you've tried that has a perfume like scent?


  1. Where did you purchased this one? I have a lotion too in green tea and it's nice. Haven't reviewed it yet tho.

    1. It was just given to me as pasalubong :) It seems that you're fond of green tea.

  2. Nice review sis, I wonder how much it is. I hope when I go abroad this coming May I'll get to see a tester for this before I buy a full size. Sayang kasi baka hindi ko magustuhan :D

    1. True sis, giving samples away is becoming more effective with the presence of bloggers. Goodluck in your trip sis ^_^


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