Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friends & Change

All of our friend will change. It's either because of the distance or a change of interest. But to totally ignore is fair weather.

Uncertainties of forever
Friendship is still a kind of a relationship. There's trust involved but the level of commitment is more on optional. They can be gone in a sudden and it makes us realize that our family is the one that really stays. Our family is our family and that will never change whether we like it or not. Your friends? They have different lives. They are raised differently and they are continuously influenced by the people around them (some of the things you would probably miss when you both stop being together).

Having a friend is still different
It's either they have forgotten you first or you have forgotten them. Then you came back and everything has changed. We don't have that much choice but to ride with the flow. We left our friends behind searching for replacement. Finding a same female buddy gets hard as we get older too. Our priorities in life changes and we seek for partners rather than friends. When will you miss that kind of friendship?

In this short journey of life, sometimes a friend can complete the ride.

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